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Download Sydney Traffic Live-Info for Windows Phone 7
Sydney Traffic Live-Info

This is a Live traffic app that gives updates in the form of feeds for inner, south, west & north Sydney. This app is a

travel, navigation, navigation
Released Nov 21, 2012
Download Weight Converter for Windows Phone 7
Weight Converter

A useful app to convert weights...

travel, navigation, city guides
Released Oct 17, 2012
Download DAYS2GO for Windows Phone 7

DAYS2GO is an app that helps the user to know the exact number of days left before a particular event or some important day.

travel, navigation, planning
Released Oct 10, 2012
Download Tourist_Destinations for Windows Phone 7

This is an app that provides you with the famous tourist spots in India....

travel, navigation, city guides
Released Oct 5, 2012
Download Friend Finder for Windows Phone 7
Friend Finder

Share your location and request your friend's location easily, securily and instantly with friend finder. FRIEND FINDER for

travel, navigation, navigation
Released Oct 3, 2012
Download PagesJaunes for Windows Phone 7

PAGESJAUNES CHANGE DE LOOK !! Découvrez les nouvelles couleurs de PagesJaunes dans une version totalement relookée et

travel, navigation, travel tools
Released Sep 29, 2012
Download Airport Status Checker for Windows Phone 7
Airport Status Checker

Airport Status Checker lets you know if a US airport has any delays, and if so, the reason for the delay and how long it is. It

travel, navigation, mapping
Released Sep 26, 2012
Download Allabouttent for Windows Phone 7

All About Tent is an app which guides you through complete process of tent making step by step. You can also find tips to improve

travel, navigation, travel tools
Released Sep 21, 2012
Download mymaps for Windows Phone 7

This is an extra odinary app which collaborates bing maps with gmaps or google maps...just browse on bing with the experience of

travel, navigation, mapping
Released Sep 8, 2012
Download TODO List for Windows Phone 7

This application helps to maintain the todo list of the user....

travel, navigation, planning
Released Sep 7, 2012
Download Taxi nu for Windows Phone 7
Taxi nu

Find Taxis in your area with only one click! No matter when and where you are in The Netherlands, start Taxi Nu! You will

travel, navigation, travel tools
Released Sep 5, 2012
Download Taxi for Windows Phone 7

Find the nearest Taxi stands and Taxi companies in Austria with one click! Wherever you are in Austria, start HEROLD2go TAXI

travel, navigation, travel tools
Released Aug 31, 2012
Download one2one for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 5.00/5

One device translation

travel, navigation, language
Released Sep 6, 2011
Download WMM Jízdní řády for Windows Phone 7
WMM Jízdní řády
  • Currently 5.00/5

Applications to search for transport links. There is a train, bus, plane and public transport. This application is in Czech

travel, navigation, travel tools
Released Aug 9, 2011
Download Geotagged List for Windows Phone 7
Geotagged List
  • Currently 5.00/5

Geotagged List allows you to "tag" your current location and add photo, a short description, and position. You can keep a list of

Released Nov 20, 2010
Download PagineGialle for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 5.00/5

Tutti i 218 volumi di PagineGialle e PagineBianche nel palmo della tua mano. Un database di 15 milioni di famiglie e 3,8 milioni

Released Oct 19, 2010
Download Here I am for Windows Phone 7
Here I am
  • Currently 4.00/5

Here I am With "Here I am" you can see your friend and your friend can see you on a map or webbrowser, on a pc or on a windows

Released Dec 23, 2010
Download Altimeter for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 3.00/5

This free application is the easiest to use altimeter....

Released Dec 17, 2010
Download Yellow Pages for Windows Phone 7
Yellow Pages
  • Currently 3.00/5

All you need for local search. You know we are all abou the most reliable data. Experience the beautiful experience of

Released Oct 14, 2010
Download GPS App for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 2.18/5

GPS application for Geocaching. Navigate to geo coordinate by GPS/compass display or on map tracking. Simple and easy to use....

Released Oct 21, 2010
Download What's Around Here for Windows Phone 7
What's Around Here
  • Currently 2.00/5

Uses your location to display nearby landmarks according to Wikipedia's database....

Released Dec 7, 2010
Download Public Transit for Windows Phone 7
Public Transit
  • Currently 2.00/5

Public transit finder

Released Oct 27, 2010
Download Room Finder - Oslo for Windows Phone 7
Room Finder - Oslo
  • Currently 1.00/5

Find rooms in Oslo

Released Nov 29, 2010
Download Traffic Tips for Windows Phone 7
Traffic Tips
  • Currently 1.00/5

This application gives you a one shot look at the traffic situation on the way to your work. Do you wonder what the traffic is

Released Nov 24, 2010

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