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Download Offers and deals for Windows Phone 7
Offers and deals

This application provide you special offers and deals, to purchase goods and services in low cost...

lifestyle, shopping
Released Nov 29, 2012
Download GeTaKe for Windows Phone 7

Finden Sie heraus, welcher Betrieb hinter den No-Name-Produkte (Whitelabel) steckt. Pudding von Aldi? Hergestellt von einer

lifestyle, food, drink
Released Nov 16, 2012
Download Reclamos Accendo for Windows Phone 7
Reclamos Accendo

Permite que ciudadanos de una municipalidad puedan realizar reclamos y denuncias en cualquier momento y lugar....

lifestyle, community
Released Nov 10, 2012
Download Weekly Bible Verses for Windows Phone 7
Weekly Bible Verses

The Weekly Bible Verses page has now come to your phone with this app....

lifestyle, community
Released Nov 8, 2012
Download fashion central for Windows Phone 7
Fashion central

Fashion is the soul of Style. Fashion Central brings you all the latest Fashion news, reviews and beauty tips. Get more on

lifestyle, style, fashion
Released Nov 2, 2012
Download ZapisnikMysli for Windows Phone 7

Thanks this application you never will forgot ever thoughts and tasks....

lifestyle, automotive
Released Oct 31, 2012
Download Romantic Idea for Windows Phone 7
Romantic Idea

Birthday, Name Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary of the first kiss, first meeting or another celebration......who knows what

lifestyle, art, entertainment
Released Oct 25, 2012
Download Donaco for Windows Phone 7

Donaco is a free, easy and innovative app that helps you finding gifts inspiration. Just select a friend and Donaco will

lifestyle, shopping
Released Oct 11, 2012
Download Astrology for Windows Phone 7

Your future is here Calculate your and estimate your personality and soul urge from this mystical app All you need to know

lifestyle, art, entertainment
Released Oct 9, 2012
Download AdviceoftheYear for Windows Phone 7

It will display advice for you which helps you to improve your lifestyle on the basis of your date of birth....

lifestyle, out, about
Released Oct 8, 2012
Download Remember-All for Windows Phone 7

Remember-ALL is a simple app for travelers who do not like to maintain a diary. It is an easy to store app in which the user in

lifestyle, out, about
Released Oct 5, 2012
Download Islamic Debt Tracker for Windows Phone 7
Islamic Debt Tracker
  • Currently 5.00/5

Track your qadha prayers

Lifestyle, Community
Released Mar 9, 2011
Download Pic2shop barcode scanner for Windows Phone 7
Pic2shop barcode scanner
  • Currently 5.00/5

Scan barcodes and save

Lifestyle, Shopping
Released Jan 19, 2011
Download Shared Shopping List for Windows Phone 7
Shared Shopping List
  • Currently 5.00/5

Can Sync Between Phones

Lifestyle, Shopping
Released Jan 14, 2011
Download Best Sellers for Windows Phone 7
Best Sellers
  • Currently 5.00/5

The “Best Seller” app allows you to quickly see what the world is buying – for themselves and for others.

Lifestyle, Shopping
Released Dec 23, 2010
Download Gifts for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 5.00/5

Christmas gift organiser

Lifestyle, Shopping
Released Nov 25, 2010
Download Jesus Illusion for Windows Phone 7
Jesus Illusion
  • Currently 5.00/5

Jesus in your Mind!

Lifestyle, Community
Released Nov 17, 2010
Download Calvary Chapel for Windows Phone 7
Calvary Chapel
  • Currently 5.00/5

The desire of Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia is to see the saints strengthened in their walk with Christ. To that end they

Lifestyle, Shopping
Released Nov 10, 2010
Download RedLaser for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 4.00/5

Shop smarter. RedLaser Barcode Scanner searches for low online and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. Features

lifestyle, shopping
Released Dec 7, 2011
Download 170,000+ Recipes - BigOven for Windows Phone 7
170,000+ Recipes - BigOven
  • Currently 4.00/5

170,000+ Recipes

Lifestyle, Food, Dining
Released Dec 6, 2010
Download My Prayer for Windows Phone 7
My Prayer
  • Currently 4.00/5

Muslim Prayer Times

Lifestyle, Community
Released Dec 1, 2010
Download Speedometer for Windows Phone 7
  • Currently 4.00/5

The Speedometer app is about measuring the speed you are moving and then providing you with the maximum speed you achieved over

Lifestyle, Out, About
Released Nov 23, 2010
Download ShopGlider Grocery Shopping List for Windows Phone 7
ShopGlider Grocery Shopping List
  • Currently 4.00/5

Your grocery lists online

Lifestyle, Shopping
Released Nov 9, 2010

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