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Tube Map

Download Tube Map for Windows Phone 7
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Summary: FREE London Tube Map

Released: Mar 9, 2011
Found in: Travel, Travel Tools

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is Tube Map:
Developer: mxData Ltd.
Get round on the London tube like never before! Get LIVE train status updates on a map that you can scroll.

Here are just some of the things the FREE Tube Map app can do to make your life easier and save you time and hassle:

✔Tube Map uses the iconic tube map for instant recognition:
- Tap on a station and we will show you the details of the lines and the status of the trains or even show you where the station is on the map - no excuses for being lost or late!
- The map is the very latest releases supplied to us direct from London Underground.

✔Line Status LIVE gives you in instant LIVE view of all the basics you need to make sure you don't arrive at the station only to be told there are delays on your line:
- EVERY single line shown in a colour coded easy to recognise list so you can see if there are problems at a glance
- Find out how severe the problem is, if it's only a minor delay at least you know and you don't end up going round the houses to avoid the problem
- See the forecast direct from London Underground of delays they know are around the corner, both later on the day you are looking and even at the weekends

✔Departures is the really cool bit that saves you running down the escalator because you can hear a train coming only to find it's not yours:
- You get the information from the little boards on the platform LIVE and directly on your screen to see when the next train leaves/arrives in every direction

✔Journey Planning is normally the frustrating bit but Tube Map takes care of all that by giving you a Journey Planner that puts you in control.

✔Find a Station will save you time scanning the 356 stations on the map:
- Enter your station and we will scroll the map to that station and even highlight it for you so straight away you know it is and which line it's on - very handy.

PS. Did we mention that you get all this great stuff completely FREE.

Download Tube Map free for your Windows Phone 7

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