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The Stock Game Free

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Rating: 4.0/5 (16 votes)

Summary: simulates stock trading

Released: Sep 27, 2011
Found in: games, strategy, simulation

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is The Stock Game Free:
Developer: Hanno
Trade on the markets around the world, buy and sell stocks, currencies and commodities.
Here you can trade without any financial risk and test different strategies.
Even when it's a game at first, here you get more actual information about the markets then in the most highly specialized stock market apps. E.g. you can comfortable watch the development of your real existing portfolio.

Top Features:
- Create different user accounts to test different strategies
- Search stocks worldwide
- Trade with stocks, currencies and commodities, always with the actual quotations (only 15 minutes delayed)
- Get extended information for all indices, stocks and currencies
- Currency conversions
- Watch the progress of your portfolio, directly on live tile
- Ranking list of the most successful players
- Look at the portfolio of the top 100 players; with a simple click you can buy the stocks they are successful with
- The price agent watches any stocks and informs you when a fixed limit is reached
- On the live tile, you see your actual account value and the information from the price agent

New in version 1.8
- You can browser through the complete ranking list and so you’ll see the results of all players
- Setting your preferred currency will affect nearly all values you screen
- Integrated internet search for all currencies
- Incorrect graphics for the rating with preferred currencies other than Dollar corrected
- Minor bug fixes

If you don't like ads in your apps, an ads free version is available too
I would be happy to get new proposals or improvements and will try to implement them into the program.
If you like my app, please write a nice comment.

Download The Stock Game Free free for your Windows Phone 7

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