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Summary: script your phone

Released: Jan 11, 2011
Found in: Tools

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is Iron7 Free:
Developer: Cirrious
Iron7 free lets you build scripts using the ironruby programming language

sample scripts available for:
- snake, tetris and an alien game
- "fingerpaint" drawing
- piano and xylophone
- an online translator
- twitter and flickr search

using this you can:
- perform simple logic operations
- perform complicated mathematics
- write text out to the screen
- draw graphics to the screen
- interact with maps
- use web services like twitter and facebook
- make simple games
- learn to program
- have fun

updates in this release:
- you can now use Ruby modules and classes!
- some scripting speed improvements
- addition of link to - to allow you to backup your scripts online
- some improvements to debug info - you now get some more information when you hit a syntax or runtime error.
- changes to the default sample scripts - including a couple more games

This is a great little development tool for your phone - it is superb fun for quick prototyping and playing - I hope you enjoy using it.

If you like the free, then please upgrade to the full - it helps fund the development!

Download Iron7 Free free for your Windows Phone 7

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