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Summary: TouchLockPro is a general purpose locking program for the newer HTC phones.

Found under: enhancement, locking, unlocking, sensor, stylus, light

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1
* Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond2 (T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc)
* Touch Pro (Raphael, Fuze, etc).
* Sprint CDMA Diamond
* Touch HD (BlackStone)

Arrived: Apr 1, 2010

Downloaded 36,819 times

TouchLockPro free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 3.6/5
(21 votes cast)

TouchLockPro Description

Made by: ZuinigeRijder


TouchLockPro is a general purpose locking program for the newer HTC phones. TouchLockPro is designed not to interfere with running applications and is a multipurpose locking application. Other locking solutions are often specific for locking only incoming calls/SMS. A lot of locking solutions also place a (transparant looking) Window on top of the running application (e.g. slide 2 unlock), so the information of the background application is no longer visible. This is not the case for TouchLockPro, so it can be kept lean and mean. Also the used resources is very very low.

There are already a lot of applications to disable touchpanel and/or hardware keys for the Touch Diamond and Pro.

Desc: Features:
* lock using the Power button, BattClock and/or Stylus Sensor
* auto-unlock by the Light Sensor
* unlock using triple touch of the Capacitive Sensor
* unlock and lock using Capacitive Sensor swipes, 8 (external) commands can be configured for the different swipe possibilities.
* unlock and lock using Stylus Sensor
* unlock and lock using Keyboard Slider Sensor
* unlock and lock by using GSENSOR orientation changes, 4 (external) commands can be configured for the different orientation sequences
* unlock when on AC/USB power
* auto-unlock at incoming call (you have a "Slide to Answer" on your phone): commandCallIncoming: !UNLOCK
* unlock by hardware key coupled to command "TouchLockAction.exe" unlock
* automatic SIP changer, dependent of the stylus and/or keyboard position

How to install?

* Deinstall the previous version of other locking programs (e.g. StylusLock, Answerkey disabler, SensorLock, S2U2)
* Copy the TouchLockPro.x.y.CAB file from your computer to the Touch Diamond or Touch Pro Memory card
* Go via the explorer of the Touch Diamond or Touch Pro to the location where you copied the .CAB file and click on it to start installation
* Advice is to install it to the Phone memory and not to the Memory card, TouchLockPro is very small and so it also works in "DiskDrive" mode

How to lock?

Prerequisite: Stylus is IN, not on AC/USB power
* Press the power button (AutoLockOnPowerOn)
* Pressing the BattClock
* Take OUT the Stylus and putting it back IN within 1 second

How to unlock?

* Wait till the Light Sensor unlocks automatically (default 5 seconds) in not too dark lighting conditions
* Triple touch the capacitive hardware area at the same area within 3 seconds (the number of valid touches at the same area are shown instead of the battery life percentage)
* Take OUT the Stylus
* Attach to AC/USB power

TouchLockPro is designed for the newer Touch generation HTC phones, using their unique sensors:

* Light Sensor
* Capacitive NavSensor
* Stylus sensor

The Light Sensor will auto-unlock in not too dark conditions, when it senses light for more than 5 seconds. When it is too dark, use the triple capacitive touch approach, see below.

The capacitive sensor has 3 main area's, indicated in the above figure, 1, 2, and 3. Some features:
* Will not react on non-capacitive touches like Stylus. Nice when in your pocket too.
* You only need to gently touch the area's, without pressing the hardware buttons underneath
* TouchLockPro uses this feature for unlocking. Gently touch three times at the same area (without touching another area) within 3 seconds, to unlock the phone
* With an incoming call, the best is to triple touch the answer area 1, to avoid missed calls when you accidently touch too hard and press the reject hardware button

These 4 screenshots, from left to right, top to bottom, show the BattClock in action.
* screenshot 1: if the phone is locked, the fore and background are reversed, showing the time and battery life percentage
* screenshot 2: One capacitive touch is done and shown, when occurred, instead of the battery life percentage. If the 3 seconds have been elapsed, it is switched back to battery life percentage
* screenshot 3: Second capacitive touch is done and shown.
* screenshot 4: Third capacitive touch is done at the same place in time and the phone is unlocked. The normal background and forground of the battClock is shown.

The locking behaviour can also be controlled with the Stylus sensor:
* When the Stylus is out, the phone is always unlocked.
* When the stylus is taken OUT and IN within 1 seconds, the "lock mode" is toggled.
* When the Stylus is taken out, the phone awakens from sleep (you do not need to press the Power button)

First row:
* Lock (and keep the display on)
* Lock and suspend immediately (Power off)
* Exit the Action screen

Second row:
* Configuration options (so you do not need to use a registry editor anymore, and easily switch between settings)
* Show detailed battery details
* Free RAM memory (Garbage collect, let other running applications free memory)

Third row:
* Soft reset your device
* Power off the phone completely (you do no longer need to long press Power Off)
* About screen

Download TouchLockPro free for Your Windows Mobile Phone
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