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tMan v0.9.8

Summary: tMan is a tiny task manager with easy-to-switch and easy-to-close features. It supports closing and minimizing of applications. The main reason why tMan made is that there is no task manager which is HiDPI aware and respects taskbar theme. It should be a small application ...

Found under: Utilities, Task, manager

  • Pocket PC 2003 / 5.0

Arrived: Oct 24, 2007

Downloaded 3,692 times

tMan v0.9.8 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.6/5
(5 votes cast)

tMan v0.9.8 Description

Made by: David Andrs

tMan is a tiny task manager with easy-to-switch and easy-to-close features. It supports closing and minimizing of applications. The main reason why tMan made is that there is no task manager which is HiDPI aware and respects taskbar theme. It should be a small application for closing and switching tasks. It should not replace whole taskbar functionality (like Wisbar and others do) and it should not have the switching feature in notification area (like Switch is done). Features of tMan include:
  • Incredibly small.
  • Icon for each task.
  • Closing applications by one-tap.
  • Closing and minimizing.
  • Soft reset in task menu.
  • Screen-off in task menu.
  • Power-off in task menu (from 0.9.6).
  • Screen rotation in task menu.
  • Invoke the task list by hardware keys.
  • Kill task forcibly (from 0.9.6)
  • User-defined colors for foreground and background (from 0.9.6)
  • List of ignored aplications (will not show in task list) (from 0.9.6)
  • Exception list for Ok/Close button (predefined behaviour for selected applications) (from 0.9.6)
  • WM5 style Ok/Close button (from 0.9.7)
  • Localizations (from 0.9.8)
Update Description:

Version 0.9.8 (7 Oct 2007)
* Added: Localization enabled
* Added: Icons for power off, rotate left/right, sw reset and display off
* Added: 'Desktop' item in task menu is optional
* Added: TWEAK: hide dot
* Fixed: Better detection of notification bubbles
* Fixed: Landscape switching issues

Version 0.9.7 (2 Aug 2007)
* Added: WM5 styled buttons
* Added: draw fixes and optimizations
* Added: Tweak: Kill Timeout
* Added: tweak: OldStyleButton
* Fixed: Task List Accelerator was not saved
* Fixed: internal improvements
* Fixed: improved program icons on WM5
* Fixed: closing applications from popup menu improved
* Fixed: Notification bubbles do not show ok/close button (tested only on my device and emulator)
* Fixed: better detection of switching windows/button type
* Fixed: phone closing fixes (tested only on emulator)
* Fixed: minor changes in GUI

Version 0.9.6 (24 Apr 2007)
* Added: List of applications to ignore
* Added: Application exceptions
* Added: Minor GUI reorganization
* Added: Kill task forcibly
* Added: User-defined colors for background and foreground (TWEAK)
* Added: Power off item in task menu
* Added: Show task operations in task menu
* Added: Confirm dialog before soft-resetting the device (TWEAK)
* Fixed: Improved stability
* Fixed: Action key closed an application at certain situations
* Fixed: Task menu invocation rewritten
* Fixed: Terminating tMan before installation (for upgrading)
* Fixed: Minor fixes

- Fixed: Rotation aware.
- Fixed: Respecting WM5 background.
- Code clean-ups.
- And a lot of stability fixes. v0.9.4:
- Added: Mapping of Close/Minimize/Show menu to Tap/Tap-and-hold/Gesture.
- Added: Soft-reset menu item (optional).
- Added: Screen-off menu item (optional).
- Added: Screen Rotation menu item (optional).
- Added: Task List can be invoked by HW key.
- Major code changes.
- Major optimizations.
- Improved stability.
- A lot of bugfixes. v0.9.2:
- Added: Configuration dialog.
- Added: Tap-and-hold to invoke the task menu.
- Added: Minimize/Close action for Ok/Close button.
- Fixed: Icon drawing issue.
- Fixed: Minor draw fixes.
- Fixed: Landscape/Portrait switching.
- Fixed: Ok/Close button update issue.
- Fixed: Task menu is opened faster.
- Fixed: If the task menu is opened, tapping the tMan button closes the task menu. v0.91:
- Fixed big close button draw issue (on devices with 240x320 display). v0.9:
- First public release.
- Released mainly for testing purposes.

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