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Mehta Potential Energies in Joules Ver 1.3

Summary: MEHTA POTENTIAL ENERGY IN JOULES (Ver 1.3) (EDUCATIONAL) <br> My app takes inputs as Weight, zipcode (for altitude), velocity, charge, temperature, etc and calculates several Potential Energies by formulas - Rest Mass, Gravitational, Kinetic, Elastic, Internal electro-Chemical, Thermal, Electrical and Electromagnetic. Size is 65KB, (note pic/link are of version 1.2).

Found under: potential energy, einstein, science, educational

.net3.5, windows mobile 6.0, 6.5, 7

Arrived: Apr 18, 2011

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Mehta Potential Energies in Joules Ver 1.3 free download for Windows Mobile phone

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Mehta Potential Energies in Joules Ver 1.3 Description

Developer: Individual

MEHTA's POTENTIAL ENERGY IN JOULES (Ver 1.3) (EDUCATIONAL) -Energy computed by formulas. Send PAYPAL Donations, feedback to - [email protected]
Size - 65 KB (ver 1.23
(If any person or business wants to buy my app for a fixed amount of money or explore business opportunity and do further research to enhance this app and /or sell this app to others, e-mail me)
Many people are in GOING GREEN initiative to save energy and this planet. So, what is the meaning of energy? Scientists have been looking for ways to generate energy. Normal humans tend to deal with energy for their tasks.
Let us look at history. Einstein did not know energy as according to him everything is relative in thsi world. But he formulated one form of energy by Einstiens equation of E=m*c^2. (We call thsi rest mass energy) Any object living or non-living has energy. Anything that moves has energy. Although energy is conserved and is always relative to one another and also convert from one form to another.
All types of energy is measured in Joules...One joule in everyday life is approximately: the energy required to lift a small apple one metre straight up. (A mass of about 102 g = 1/9.81 kg)
the energy released when that same apple falls one metre to the ground.
the energy released as heat by a person at rest, every hundredth of a second.
the kinetic energy of a 50 kg human moving very slowly (0.2 m/s or 720 m/h).
the kinetic energy of a tennis ball moving at 23 km/h (14 mph)

Since no one has answers to absolute form of energy, science has defined as few Potential energies.
My app is calculator for Potential Energies of following types - Gravitational, Kinetic, Rest Mass, Elastic, Internal electro-Chemical, Thermal, Electrical and Electromagnetic. All computations are via formulas. All formulas are listed in app.
My app takes input of zipcode or country to calculate altitude and also weight, temperature, velocity, etc. Give proper inputs and get results.

This is my first windows based app and appreciate PAYPAL donations and feedback. to [email protected]
Please Download from mirror link or e-mail me.
v1.2 - No UI change..cleaned up back-end code, shorter file now ...27KB
v1.3 - organized all input/output and constants per TYPE OF ENERGY , added zipcode(US)/country(non-US) as input and will calculate approximate altitude used in energy calculations. (Also, I record state, latitude, longitude but they are not used in formulas), Added higher powers or units of Joules like ZetaJoules (10^21), MegaJoules (10^6), KiloJoules (10^3) .............size 65KB

Q&A; from feedback -
1. does this app calculate how much energy I have?
A. Yes, Rest Mass Energy only takes your weight as input and E=mc^2 gives how much energy you have capability of having in form of rest mass energy
2. Do you have formula to energy required for calculate specific tasks like romancing, flirting, etc?
3. Can a living object gain energy from non-living object by transfer fo energy?
A. yes. food is one example, air you breathe is another example, etc
4. How can I control a particular form of potential energy?
A. No we cannot. That is why we have energy crisis on earth . We can only try to study deeper into how energy can be conserved and not wasted.
5. Can same object/person/action have different energy at different locations?
A. yes energy is relative and not only your energy but energy of your surroundings determine how much energy you can handle or sustain at a given point of time.
6. Why do you have colors on your app?
A. To distinguish inputs, outputs, constants and labels. I used color scheme.
7. First 2 or 3 types of Potential energies , you have easy inputs, formulas and constants, others have complicated formulas and constants which I cannot understand nor I know how to get them like elasticity constant, etc.
A. This needs advanced research and out of my capability right now but if I stumble across anything that add value in this app then I will do so. I will be trying to automate many components, although this app is in initial versions and I am new to Visual Studio (I am using trial version and for full product, I am short of funding) and C#.
8. Do you create windows apps on full time job basis?
A. No I am only doing this part-time I have a full-time job that is a priority but I am doing this to explore how apps creation goes in smartphones, tablets, etc.
9. Do you have other interestiing projects lined up to create more apps?
A. yes and no, not sure. I have less time on my hands, but if I do then you will see on this website with my name printed all over. I do have few ideas which I can not mention here.

Thanks for feedback and questions......I really appreciate this. Looking forward to doing business with you.

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