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PlaylistMgr v0.7

Summary: PlaylistMgr is a simple playlist editor for managing Windows Media Player playlists and it supports unicode. You can create or edit playlists easily and conveniently using this software. In addition, PlaylistMgr also helps you to manage your media streams and podcasts. ...

Found under: Multimedia, Utilities

  • Windows Mobile 2003 and above

Arrived: Apr 9, 2007

Downloaded 2,302 times

PlaylistMgr v0.7 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.8/5
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PlaylistMgr v0.7 Description

Made by: Vicott Wong

PlaylistMgr is a simple playlist editor for managing Windows Media Player playlists and it supports unicode. You can create or edit playlists easily and conveniently using this software. In addition, PlaylistMgr also helps you to manage your media streams and podcasts. Usage Notes:
- You can open a ASX/M3U/PLS playlist for editing by using one of the options under the "File" menu.
- You can add files into the playlist from Menu=>Add Media or using the buttons on the toolbar.
- You can add a media stream by entering the URL in "Add URL" dialog.
- You can use the context menu (tap & hold on single entry) or the arrows on the toolbar to move a selected track up/down the playlist.
- Alternatively, you can also drag & drop a selecteted entry to the position you desire.
- You can double click on a selected track to play it.
- Under Menu=>Tools, you can find several useful functions which will help you clean up the playlist.
- If you prefer to use softkeys rather than seeing the toolbar, you can switch the view mode using Menu=>Mode.
- If you wish to change the default application to handle ASX files, you can go to File=>Association and choose the EXE file to associate ASX files with.
- In the podcast management screen, you need to define the folder where the all the media files for the podcasts are kept.
- You can double click on a media file in the list to play it.
- Alternatively, you can click on "Play All" to play the playlist for the podcasts.
- The playlist for the podcasts is automatically updated every time the podcast management screen is launched.
- Alternatively, you can use "Create Shortcut" to create a shortcut for launching PlaylistMgr silently, updated the playlist for podcast and load it in the media player automatically.

Update Description:
- Added support for M3U/PLS playlists.
- Switching between softkey and toolbar modes without restart.

- Fixed bug associated with Storage Card detection.
- Fixed bug associated with loading of playlist file.

- Fixed tab order in podcast dialog.

- Speed up seraching.
- Modified menus and removed buttons.
- Added Recent Opened Playlists.
- Added alphabetical sorting function.
- Added softkey mode for main screen. v0.6.1:
- Double tap on track in main screen to play in media player.
- Bug Fix for Podcast QuickLaunch.
- Option to update Storage Card path in existing playlists.
- Option to set application to associate with ASX files.
- Option to remove duplicate files in playlist.
- Option to remove for missing files in playlist.
- Renamed "Scan Playlist" to "Search Playlists".
- Renamed "Save As ..." to "Save Playlist As ...". v0.6:
- Fixed loading of playlists under non-Latin locales.
- Several changes in UI.
- Several buttons removed and moved to command bar.
- Added toolbar for main dialog.
- Modified menus (right soft keys are also used now).
- Modified context menus.
- Drag and drop to rearrange items in list.
- Added additional method to select playlist for editing (using File Open dialog).
- Scanning for all playlist files on the device can be accessed from "Scan Playlist" menu item.
- Save Playlist will save existing playlists without using Save File dialog.
- Save File dialog can be accessed from "Save As..." menu item.
- Prompt user to save existing playlist before New/Open/Scan/Exit.
- Media stream links without file extension can now be added to the list.
- Folder dialogs will auto highlight and scroll to last selected folder.
- Able to rename ASX files from playlist selection dialog. v0.5.2:
- Changed program icon. v0.5.1:
- Show Message Box when loading of playlist fails due to locale issues.
- Added duplicate file checking for importing from folder.

- Auto focus on textbox when adding URL.
- Screen Orientation Aware.
- Added menus to more dialogs.
- Added "Play From" feature in podcast dialog.
- Able to open ASX files from command line (or using "Open With...").
- Able to launch podcast dialog and load playlist in media player silently (using command line parameter "-p").
- Added "Create Shortcut" in menu of podcast dialog for silent loading as described above. v0.4:
- Added context menus.
- Added menu bar (soft key menu for WM5).
- Improved reading of ASX format.
- Able to view playlists with media streams.
- Able to add media stream links to playlist.
- List control will scroll correctly on add/remove/move.

- Remember last chosen file extension for "Add File" dialog.
- Fix WMV extension bug in "Add File" dialog. v0.3.3:
- Slight improvement in searching speed.
- Compressed gsGetFile.dll using UPX. v0.3.2:
- Fixed item selection bug. v0.3.1:
- Disabled "Play All" button if no podcasts are found.
- Date/Time format derived from Regional Settings.
- Fixed minor bug with folder selection dialogs.
- Fixed minor bug with including subfolders in scanning for media files. v0.3:
- Fixed WMP loading bug on non-English ROMs.
- Fixed unicode saving bug.
- Fixed duplicate playlist bug.
- Added auto playlist creation for podcast folder.
- Enabled full row highlight.
- Enabled double click to edit selected playlist.
- Allowed adding of more media types in "Add File" dialog.
- Auto exit program when playing playlist or podcast.

- Minor UI Enhancements.
- Changed "Open Playlist" icon. v0.2:
- Changed Open Playlist Dialog.
- Able to delete existing playlists.
- Able to edit selected playlist.
- Able to launch selected playlist in WMP. v0.1:
- First Release.

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