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OPTasks v0.5

Summary: Create TO DO list on your Pocket PC

Found under: Database, Organizers

  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • ARM Processors

Arrived: Dec 21, 2007

Downloaded 1,660 times

OPTasks v0.5 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 5.0/5
(1 vote cast)

OPTasks v0.5 Description

Made by: OPByte

OPTasks is a Task list (or Todo list) for Pocket PC. It is compatible with the windows mobile bundled software (Pocket Outlook), but it is different because:
- It is more flexible.
- It is designed to have the most used functions only a click away.
- The task list can hold more tasks in a single screen because of smaller font.
- Same for categories, and the list is scrollable.
- Icons on the menu bar, double click, no slow tap-and-hold and other nasty things like that.
- Keyboard shortcuts for most functions.
- Four filters to control task list contents. For Pocket PC 2002 (cab file for ARM) users, please download here. Update Description:

v0.5 (17-12-2007): - This version is compiled for Windows Mobile 2003 second edition! Tested to work up to Windows Mobile 6.
- Support screen orientation changes.
- New quick insert mode: to create a new task, just type the subject and click enter.
- Some keyboard shortcuts added: tab for categories, backspace for remove task.
- Newer versions of windows mobile insert empty subject on empty tasks, now supported.

- New shortcuts and hardware buttons: left and right arrows, change category back and forward.
- Context menu for tasks, activated by tap-and-hold or click-and-hold of action button (used for one-hand operations).
- Stats dialog, shows some info on tasks.
- New "Show all" menu item, resets all filters. Can be used before a "global search".
- Some optimizations on category list.
- Some buxfixes on category cycling.
- "Delete all" renamed to "Delete listed". v0.3.3:
- Help file included now!
- If you assign a hardware button to OPTasks, clicking it when the program is in foreground will change current category.
- Ctrl-a shortcut reassigned to active/completed/all filter.
- Some optimizations, including reduced refreshes of task list.
- No bugfixes this time ;-) v0.3.2:
- Added clear button on search dialog.
- Fixed a bug on category filter with values being a substring of an existing category.
- Esc on category dialog works now.
- Some code cleanups, smaller executable.
- Move (change category), shortcut ctrl-m.
- Fixed a bug handling categories with spaces in the name. v0.3.1:
- Fixed a small memory leak (limited to the application).
- Show future tasks function (current, future, all).
- Added [f] indicator.
- Keyboard shortcuts: ctrl-space changed to just space, ctrl-f search, ctrl-t active/completed/all, ctrl-d current/future/all.
- Some task list speedups.
- Bugfixes. v0.3:
- Homepage menu item.
- Toolbar tooltips.
- Filter by text (search).
- Active/completed/all (completed filter) + [c] indicator.
- Rename dialog, useful to see long subjects not fitting into the task list.
- Bugfixes. v0.2.2:
- R (recurrent) and D (due) indicators added.
- "Delete all" function. Works on tasks currently listed.
- Accelerators (keyboard shortcuts) for most functions.
- Icons changed.
- Misc. enhanchments.
- Bugfixes.

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