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MSCEInf v1.5

Summary: No clue as to what registry keys and files are installed on the Pocket PC by CAB files? Here's MSCEInf, a utility to find and analyse all the data contained in installation CAB files. The program automatically extracts the file "000" from CAB files or selected TSK and analyzes it. It ca...

Found under: Utilities, Development

  • Windows

Arrived: Apr 16, 2007

Downloaded 869 times

MSCEInf v1.5 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.6/5
(5 votes cast)

MSCEInf v1.5 Description

Made by: Benoît Thonnart

No clue as to what registry keys and files are installed on the Pocket PC by CAB files? Here's MSCEInf, a utility to find and analyse all the data contained in installation CAB files. The program automatically extracts the file "000" from CAB files or selected TSK and analyzes it. It can also analyze already extracted files "000". A full report is posted in page control. It offers also the possibility of:
- To save the analysis in a file with the format rtf (Rich Text Format) which can be read by WordPad or Word.
- To save Inf file reconstituted in text format or to copy it in the clipboard.
- To extract all the files from the CAB or TSK and Inf file reconstituted in a folder (with the possibility of creating this folder). After that you can use Cabwiz to create again the CAB. This program can be useful to those who like to understand all that an application copy on their mobile, registry included. On Document RTF tab, there is a contextual menu (right click on it) to go directly to the various sections of the analysis (Strings, Dirs, Files, Hives, Keys, Shortcuts, beginning of file INF) and allows you to copy what you selected to the clipboard.

Other downloads:
The original French version
German version
Italy version
Spain version
Dutch version Update Description:
- This version is now compatible with Vista.
- 6 languages are available, new one is Dutch. v1.4.1:
Now MSCEInf is also available in Spanish.

MSCEInf allows run in Command Line with output of INF file in the Cab folder. It also close Application after done. MSCEInf "CAB File Name to output to inf" inf Put the complete filename for the cab or only the name if you are in the folder. Put the name in quote to prevent parsing of parameters if you have space or delimiters in the name. "Filename" followed by a space and inf after. (do not quote the string inf !). So it will put the INF file in the Cab folder with the cab name extension changed to inf. But I cannot prevent the form to be shown. More work to do this. But if you do this in batch, MSCEInf is closed after each call and new instance is launched! v1.4:
This version now allows the reading of the files "_ setup.xml" contained in the CAB.
- Rebuilt the tree structure of file XML with possibility of extending or of reducing branches of the tree.
- Also Rebuilt a conventional INF file (can be copied to the clipboard).
- Creates a Memo (can be copied to the clipboard) with the Register keys in a format of the Regedit type (for the "Geeks").

For the CABS with a conventional INF file like those with a "_ setup.xml" file:
- Possibility of "Using Folder Names" for files saving.
- Additional Informations on the files with also possibility of sorting on these new columns:
    >> Size of the file.
    >>Date and Hour of the file.
    >>Type of the file (its extension).
- Possibility of Multiselection on the files (Shift, Control).
- Possibility Drag and Drop for one or more files towards the Explorer (Folder, Desktop...).
- Contextual Menu on the file under the cursor (Right Button) allowing:
    >> Open the file with the associated application (If it is a program - Extension "EXE" - the launching of the program is prohibited, which is surer. The icon of the program is shown) or "Open with..." if there is no association.
    >> Open the file with the Notepad.
- If MSCEinf is defined as an application for opening CAB, the program will be loaded. If it was minimized, it will be restored.
- If the button of Checking of Signature is activated, MSCEInf authorizes 2 signatures ' MSCE ' and ' CE4+ ' and only those (If it is not one of the two authorized signatures, the pointer of the mouse positions on the button of checking of signature after having posted a message of alarm). If not, there is no checking of the signature of the CAB.

- Alphabetic sort on each column in each tab.
- New button for choosing files to extract.
- Links, About box.
- Cosmetics. v1.3.8:
- Translated in English and German.

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