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MortButtons v2.41

Summary: Despite the name, MortButtons is NOT a tool to assign applications to buttons, like BtnPlus, VITO ButtonMapper, PowerButton, and similar tools. Instead, it allows to create multiple small menus, which can be used with just one button. It also offers a menu that ...

Found under: Utilities, Enhancement

  • Pocket PC 2002 / 2003 / 2003 SE / 5.0
  • ARM/XScale Processors

Arrived: Mar 30, 2007

Downloaded 974 times

MortButtons v2.41 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 5.0/5
(2 votes cast)

MortButtons v2.41 Description

Made by: Mirko Schenk

Despite the name, MortButtons is NOT a tool to assign applications to buttons, like BtnPlus, VITO ButtonMapper, PowerButton, and similar tools.
Instead, it allows to create multiple small menus, which can be used with just one button. It also offers a menu that consists of all currently running applications, thus enabling a quick and easy task switching like Alt-Tab in Windows. These menus can be assinged to your buttons with either the systems settings or any tool you use. Features:
- Every application button can be used (up to 5 diferent menus).
- No problems with games or other apps using the buttons - works fine in combination with BtnPlus, ButtonMapper, and similar tools.
- Task List: Lets you switch easily to one of the running applications.
- Minimize, close, close all, and close all but current application.
- Selection with multiple presses of just one button possible.
- It's also possible to select an entry with the direction pad or by tapping it.
- Select the applications or documents to start from start menu or the complete file system.
- Document starts (opened with the assigned application) are supported.
- Create new documents ("New" menu entries) with application buttons.
- Use own menus or entire directories as submenus.
- Activation of Today screen and already existing windows (i.e. the app's only activated when running, no start by accident!).
- Skin support with overrideable font and color settings.
- Display style (background, skin, ...) and timeout settings can be set for each main menu.
- Own icons can be used for menu entries.
- Supports WM2003 SE: VGA, landscape, rotation - by entries or when a program is launched. A manual, alternative Skins, and some other informations can be found here. Note:
When updating, be aware that Windows Mobile 5 - in spite to its predecessors - always uninstalls the previous version. Because of this, you have to backup the menu informations when you update from a version lower than v2.4b2. To do this, copy Button1.mbi to Button5.mbi, as well as the folder "Submenus" (though the latter should remain untouched). Starting with V2.4b2, these files are backed up automatically when you choose to keep the settings during deinstallation, and restored after installation (if you install to the same directory - otherwise the backup will not be found). Nevertheless, a backup can never harm even with those newer versions... Update Description:
- Square screen support.
- New default skins (thanks to Ric Zito).
- Supports GIF files in skins.
- Support of zipped skins (*.mbz, contents like skin folders - no subfolder in zip!).
- Transparency color for images (except background image), add TransCol= to skin.ini. Native transparency of PNG and GIF isn't supported.
- Improved icon handling for some files on WM5.
- Workarounds for button handling on some iPAQs.
- Bugfix: Closing programs didn't always work correctly.
- Bugfix: "Exit" softkey doesn't close the program if it should remain hidden.

- "New" entries for calls and new messages to given recipents / accounts.
- Better support for WM5 (e.g. Softkeys).
- Additional settings for task list.
- Bugfix: After screen rotation, MortButtons shouldn't appear anymore. v2.31:
- Bugfix: Closing the "Programs" folder and subfolders caused a soft reset.
- Bugfix: When preloading the menus after a soft reset, sometimes the first entry of the first menu was run. v2.3:
- Additional entries for task management (Minimize, Close, Close all, Close all but current).
- Tap & Hold functions, e.g. switch to task -> close task. Works also by keeping a hardware button pressed.
- Additional options for task lists.
- Works fine on VGA devices running WM5. v2.21:
- Faster first activation when using "stay in background".
- MortButtons can be hidden from task lists.
- Fixed display errors when using "transparent background". v2.2:
- Display and timeout can be set for each main menu.
- Own icons can be used for menu entries.
- Empty entries at the end of the menus won't be removed. v2.1:
- Skipped, to avoid confusion with v2.01 v2.01:
- Better background type selection.
- Transparent background (formerly "Show menu background" deactivated) without empty areas.
- Input panel (e.g. keyboard) will be hidden.
- Entry selection tree works is fitted to landscape.
- Bugfix: On hx4700, entries were skipped when using the application buttons.
- Bugfix: "Back" entry in submenus sometimes was shown multiple times.

- Supports WM2003 SE (VGA, landscape).
- Skin support.
- Better support of links (icons, paramters).
- Arbitrary number of entries per menu.
- Localization support (currently German and English are included, other translations are welcome).
- Browse subdirectories with MortButtons (just assign a directory to a menu).
- Entries for screen rotation (requires WM2003SE).
- Create new documents (entries of "New" menu, requires WM2003).
- Own submenus.
- Several smaller bugfixes and interface changes.

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