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Iterium Smart Money 1.0

Summary: Increase your money's purchasing power using this tool.

Found under: Business, Financial, E-Wallets


    Arrived: Sep 26, 2005

    Downloaded 2,474 times

Iterium Smart Money 1.0 free download for Windows Mobile phone

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Iterium Smart Money 1.0 Description

Iterium Smart Money is an expense optimization software for the Pocket PC designed to increase your money's purchasing power. Using this tool on a regular basis will provide you with all the necessary information needed to:
  • explore and define your spending pattern
  • record and optimize your regular expenses
  • expose and eliminate "black holes" in your budget
  • manage your money with strict accuracy
This lets you ...
  • appreciably reduce your cost of living and/or improve its quality
  • dramatically increase your money's purchasing power
  • achieve and maintain financial stability
  • attain your primary financial goals

Features Ergonomic user-friendly graphical interface In developing Iterium Smart Money we spent nearly 80% of the time designing the user interface in compliance with strict rules of ergonomics. We considered the simplicity of the user interface as the key to product usability. We therefore designed an interface which would not need to be learned and requires only a few taps to perform any task. For example, in Iterium Smart Money you will not find multipage dialog forms or the wide use of time consuming tap-and-hold techniques. Hierarchical representation of spending patterns Obviously, your spending patterns consist of many closely related expense categories. For example, you would probably combine the expenses related to car maintenance (such as fuel, service, carwash etc.) into the group called "Car". Next, you might want to include these expenses in a group representing, for example, your overall transport expenditures, and so on, thus, creating a branch of your spending pattern hierarchy. Iterium Smart Money represents this hierarchy just as a file manager respresents a file system, - expense categories and groups operate like directories and records embody the files. This technique ...

  • displays perfectly your spending pattern hierarchy
  • requires a single tap to navigate through the various levels of hierarchy
  • lets you build your spending pattern with a virtually unlimited number of levels and elements
  • provides the capabilities of managing quite simple or extremely complex spending patterns
  • automatically provides you with level-based statistics
  • eliminates the necessity of a special report-mode
Individual element passwords Iterium Smart Money is the place where you can hide your very private expenses from unauthorized view. Using passwords, you can individually hide records, selected expense categories or even entire expense groups with all their contents, from the curious eyes of your spouse, friends or co-workers. Password protected branches of your spending pattern completely disappear from view, so that no one can even guess their existence. Spending pattern reorganization commands Sometimes your spending patterns will require reorganization. While using the program you may need to combine closely related expense categories, rename or merge branches. To implement this function we have decided to offer a familiar cut-and-paste technology just as found in the Windows Explorer of your desktop computer. One-click data export Using this function you can immediately save the list of displayed records or the statistics of the current branch of your spending patterns in a plain text file. You can then easily import that file into an appropriate program on your desktop computer to perform any additional evaluation of expenses. Built-in calculator While entering new records you will often need to perform calculations before setting a value in the "Amount" field. For example, you may need to perform currency conversion operations or compute a total amount of money. Instead of using an external calculator you can perform all required calculations directly in the "amount" field using the built-in pop-up calculator. Encrypted database Iterium Smart Money stores the encrypted image of your spending pattern in a special database, so that no one can access your data from outside the program. Real exit button Unlike most applications for the Pocket PC, Iterium Smart Money provides a real exit button, which closes the application and completely removes it from operating memory.

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