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IPSMS v0.2.5

Summary: IPSMS is a SMS Tool for VoipBuster (Pro), SMS77 and SMSBug. It is an application for sending SMS over the Internet. Known bugs: - "Firstname Lastname" view is sorted by Lastname. - Program crash on invalid XML phonebook file. - History of sent...

Found under: Communication, Phone, SMS, messages

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Nov 5, 2007

Downloaded 1,656 times

IPSMS v0.2.5 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 3.5/5
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IPSMS v0.2.5 Description

Made by: skandler

IPSMS is a SMS Tool for VoipBuster (Pro), SMS77 and SMSBug. It is an application for sending SMS over the Internet. Known bugs:
- "Firstname Lastname" view is sorted by Lastname.
- Program crash on invalid XML phonebook file.
- History of sent SMS not saved.
- Program chrashes of no data connection is available.

Update Description:

v0.2.5 (03-11-2007):
- Fixed: program crahes after second received SMS and activated "show inbox folder when message arrived" option.
- Changed: outbox also uses the listview object.
- Changed: code optimizations to speedup main page.

v0.2.4 (03.11.2007):
- Feature: switch between favorite 1-4 and 5-8 in landscape mode.

v0.2.2 (01-11-2007):
- Feature: show incoming SMS.
- Feature: show/hide favorite names on main page.
- Fixed: message input fields losts focus when abbreviation button 2 pressed.
- Fixed: font size of message input box wasn't saved.
- Changed: new set of standard favorite icons - thanks to Jojo Mendoza (*delekt) for permission.
- Changed: small design change on favorite panel.

v0.2.1 (29-10-2007):
- Feature: double tap on a fav icon in the main screen quickly sets your current selected contact as favorite.
- Feature: automatic design change, based on current used screen orientation (portrait, landscape) works now also on VGA devices.

v0.2.0 (28-10-2007):
- Feature: optional caller id for SMS77.

v0.1.9 (28-10-2007):
- Fixed: another fix for VGA devices.

v0.1.8 (27-10-2007):
- Fixed: main page shown shrinked on VGA devices.

v0.1.7 (24-10-2007):
- Fixed: program crahsed while startup.

v0.1.6 (22-10-2007):
- Feature: custom favorite pictures.

v0.1.5 (21-10-2007):
- Feature: automatic design change, based on current used screen orientation (portrait, landscape).

v0.1.4 (20-10-2007):
- Feature: favorite contacts.
- Changed: contactlist Dropdownlist changed to Dropdown.
- Changed: bigger program icon.

v0.1.3 (14-10-2007):
- Feature: you can use two accounts for each provider.
- Feature: file browser for soundfile selection.
- Feature: abbreviation buttons.
- Feature: change font size of SMS input box.
- Fix: amount of concatenated SMS indicator now correctly shown on provider setting "Network".
- Fix: soundfile configuration now saved.
- Fix: credit checking for SMSBug.
- Change: added special chars for auto-conversion (à->a', è->e, ì->i, ò->o, ù->u.
- Change: all comunication with APIs changed to HTTPS.
- Change: use last selected provider as default.
- Change: tab control removed.

- Feature: if you change contacts in Outlook or the XML-File, you can refresh the contact list from the main menu. v0.1.1:
- Feature: you can enter manualy a number in phone number text field, to send messages to contacts, that are not in your contact list.
- Fix: country code not added when number stored as 00 in Outlook. v0.1:
- Feature: Sent SMS over your cellular network provider with delivery report.
- Feature: support for VoipBusterPro accounts.
- Fix: server response for SMS77 quality messages fixed.
- Fix: message encoding for SMS77 fixed.
- Fix: check, if phonebook XML file is present on startup.
- Fix: reset char indicator on message clear.
- Fix: outlook contacts where read two times on startup. v0.0.8:
- Feature: define a country code, to automatically convert the mobile numbers from Outlook to international format.
- Fetaure: phonebook view (Lastename, Firstname; Firstname Lastname; Nickname). When you chosse Nickname, only contatcs with nicknames where shown in the dropdown contact list.
- Fix: program crash on choosing Outlook contacts fixed. v0.0.7:
- Feature: send SMS over your cellular network provider.
- Fix: caller id for VoipBuster is saved now correctly. v0.0.6:
- Feature: possibility to use Outlook contacts. v0.0.5:
- Feature: History of sent messages.
- Change: SMS77 BasicPlus and SMS77 Quality are now two different providers in the Dropdown. RadioBoxes for chossing BasicPlus or Quality removed.
- Change: If you write a message with more then 160 chars and switching to a provider that allows only 160 chars, the message is automatically truncated to 160 chars.
- Fix: indicator for concatenated SMS (SMS77 only) now shown correctly.
- Fix: debug popup Messagebox removed (at sending a message via SMSBug). v0.0.4:
- Feature: possibility to define a default provider, that where selected after program start.
- Feature: indicator for concatenated SMS (SMS77 only).
- Change: New Layout for Provider configuration page.

- First public alpha release.

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