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Gilbert Goodmate PDA - Preview 1.01

Summary: Preview video of the upcoming world's first point'n'tip graphic adventure for your PDA. Stay tuned and get mushroomed!

Found under: Action, Adventure, Other

The preview video requires 12,5 MB of available RAM and a MPEG-1 player installed on the device

Arrived: Jan 1, 2004

Downloaded 13,116 times

Gilbert Goodmate PDA - Preview 1.01 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.3/5
(8 votes cast)

Gilbert Goodmate PDA - Preview 1.01 Description

Made by: Developer e-mail

Gilbert Goodmate PDA

Z-Logics Development is proud to present the preview video of the PDA version of this classic Point-n-Click PC adventure game. You can download it to your PDA and watch it there* in landscape mode to give you a good feeling about the look and feel of the final product. Or you can just play it on your PC and enjoy our little video.
What ever you do - stay tuned and get mushroomed!
* (requires an MPEG-1 player installed on your PDA)

What is Gilbert Goodmate PDA?
Gilbert Goodmate PDA is an adventure game, where you play the part of a young man named Gilbert. As Gilbert, you will meet interesting characters, uncover clues and solve puzzles in order to advance the story.

The Story
    any years ago, an evil wizard lived in a country far away. There had never been a wizard so powerful, or a man so evil as Karn, and his only wish was to conquer the world.
    Many brave men tried to stop him, and failed. But when all seemed lost, a young boy chose to face Karn on his own, and with the unlikely help of a big mushroom, managed to defeat the wizard and save the world from tyranny and darkness.
    The hero was celebrated, the people rejoiced, and the mushroom was placed on the square in the nearby town of Phungoria.

    And the people remembered.
    Every year, a festival was held, so the citizens would never forget how the world was saved. During each festival a new citizen would be elected to keep the mushroom safe for another year.
    This year, it was Gilbert's grandfather, Abraham Goodmate, who swore the oath to protect the mushroom, to care for it and keep it safe, and to defend it, if need be, with his life.
    But one week before the festival, the mushroom is stolen -- and Abraham is blamed for allowing it to happen.
    He swore an oath, the people say, to defend the mushroom with his life -- well, then, let him pay with his life! And so, Abraham Goodmate is thrown in jail, and sentenced to be executed during the mushroom festival.

    There is only one way for Gilbert Goodmate to save his grandfather. He must find the stolen mushroom, and capture the thief, before the end of the week!

Game Features
Welcome to the world's first point'n'tip action adventure game for the PDA market!

What other adventure game offers a rich, detailed story with more than thousands lines of dialogue to tickle your funny bone and over 6000 frames of animation?
Chock-full of fun and logical puzzles for many hours of game play.
A true adventure game in the classic 2D style, with beautiful hand-drawn locations where you meet and interact with more than 50 interesting characters.

The complete game engine was ported from the original PC version to the Windows CE platform by the best man available for this job - the developer of the original version himself!
The code was optimised to give you best performance on the Pocket PC device. All animations, graphics, sound samples and music scores were converted to fit the target in order to enable you hours of adventure gaming fun ? on the road, in the office or just anywhere you carry your PDA with you.
    Basic Features
    • Over 40 hours of adventurous gameplay
    • Detailed story with many thousand lines of dialogue
    • Brought to life with over 6,000 frames of animation
    • Interact with more than 50 interesting characters
    • Classic 2D style with beautiful hand-drawn locations
    • World's first point'n'tip action adventure game on PDA - use your stylus to play
    • Played in landscape mode - 320x240 pixel resolution
    • Excellent musical score
    • Load and save your game progress
    • Chock-full of fun logical puzzles
    • Optional: Dialogue read by professional actors (free download)

    Technical Features
    • Supports PocketPC 2002/2003 operating system
    • Supports Strong ARM and XScale CPU only
    • Requires 16 Bit graphics display
    • Minimum of 12 MB available application memory needed
    • Full version requires aprox. 26 MB of free storage space
    • Demo version requires aprox. 9 MB of free storage space
    • Supports all kinds of memory cards for storage
    • Optional: Speech pack - Gilbert only
    • Optional: Speech pack - All characters
    • Optional: High quality music pack

    Supported devices
    The game will run on all devices meeting the technical specifiactions. But we still recommend though that you download and test the demo version first on your PDA before buying the game. If the demo version runs fine - the full game will also.

    Happy mushrooming!

Please visit also the homepage of Z-Logics Development for the latest news about development progress, in-game screenshots or just to have have a look at our online forum.

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