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Basic4ppc Desktop v4.0

Summary: Basic4ppc is the fastest way to develop applications to the Pocket PC at a price affordable by anyone. Built in Visual Designer and built in Smart Help allow you to program complicated programs wherever you are. A complete help file is added to the Zip File. Ba...

Found under: Utilities, Development

  • Windows 2000 / XP
  • Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1

Arrived: Jan 2, 2007

Downloaded 2,608 times

Basic4ppc Desktop v4.0 free download for Windows Mobile phone

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Basic4ppc Desktop v4.0 Description

Made by: Anywhere Software

Basic4ppc is the fastest way to develop applications to the Pocket PC at a price affordable by anyone. Built in Visual Designer and built in Smart Help allow you to program complicated programs wherever you are. A complete help file is added to the Zip File. Basic4ppc Desktop (freeware) allows you to build and test your applications on the desktop. Develop your application with Basic4ppc and distribute (royalty free) to anyone with a Pocket PC. Anyone can run the Basic4ppc programs for free, after downloading the freeware Basic4ppc Runner. (Developers don't need to download the Runner) Basic4ppc is built upon the powerful and stable Microsoft .Net CF. The language is somewhere between Basic and Microsoft Visual Basic. Basic4ppc is an event driven language, with local and global variables, and recursive capable subroutines. When writing the source code a description will appear for every known keyword and help you get used to Basic4ppc Language. The help files are built in and are easy to navigate. Controls properties and methods will popup automatically after writing a controls name and a dot. WYSIWYG Visual Designer allows you to place the controls on the forms, change their properties and write their events.

Version 4.00 adds many new features including:

�    Support for external libraries.
�    Performance improved by up to 50%.
�    Code can be separated to several files.
�    Serial port communication. Including virtual serial port using Bluetooth enabled devices.
�    TreeView control - similar to the tree in the File Explorer. Supports checkboxes and images. 
�    TrackBar control - \"volume\" control.
�    ProgressBar control.
�    TabControl - organize many controls in different tab pages.
�    Support for Firelight Technologies FMOD library which allows playing MP3 files (and many more 
�    Full screen forms.
�    Support for screen orientation changes.
�    Hardware ID detection.
�    Binary files support - 30 new methods for working with binary files.
�    Bitwise operations - XOR, OR and more.
�    Image library - 20 new methods for drawings.
      Includes off screen drawing, transparent colors, drawing part of larger    
      images and more.
�    Arrays can be of a specific data type.
�    And much more.

Basic4ppc features these controls:
- Buttons
- Calendar
- CheckBoxes
- ComboBoxes
- Forms (including multiple Forms)
- Images
- Labels
- ListBox
- MenuItems
- NumericUpDown Controls
- Open / Save FileDialog
- Panels
- RadioButtons
- TextBoxes (including multiline TextBoxes)
- Timers Some of the keywords include:
- Dim
- DoEvents
- Exit (to exit loops)
- For, While, Until loops
- If
- Select Case
- MsgBox
- Sound – play wave files
- Keywords to add controls at runtime
- StrIndexOf – finds a section of string in a larger string
- StrInsert
- StrReplace – Replaces matching patterns
- SubString – Makes a new string from another string
- StrToLower / StrToUpper – Changes string case
- Abs
- Sin / Cos / Tan
- ASin / ACos / ATan
- Int / Round
- Log / LN
- Max / Min
- FileClose
- FileOpen – Opens a file for read or write access
- FileExist
- FileRead – Reads one line
- FileReadToEnd – Reads all the remaining data
- FileWrite – Writes one line or a block of lines to a file Control properties and methods include:
- Left / Top / Width / Height
- Text / FontSize / FontColor
- Color (BackColor)
- BringToFront
- Focus
- Enabled
- Visible
- Checked
- DrawString – Draws string at a specific point on a Form
- DrawCircle
- DrawImage – Draws an image file at a specific point on the Form
- DrawLine
- GetPixel – Returns the pixel color
- LoadPicture – Loads an image file on a Form or Image
- ComboBox Data Collection – Add / Insert / Remove / Item / SelectedIndex / Clear
- And more... Installations instructions:
- Make sure you got .Net 1.1 on the desktop.
- Unzip the file and run the setup. Update Description:
- Source code can be compiled to windows or device executable (EXE files) with no runtime files needed.
- Icon file can be changed.
- Database support.
- Table control with built-in CSV / XML import and export.
- ForeLayer - Forms can include two graphic layers.
- Drawing on the ForeLayer keywords.
- New ForeLayer supports transparency.
- ImageButton control.
- Polygon drawing.
- ImageList control - Stores images in memory and allows fast access to images.
- Image property - Allows transferring images between controls.
- ArrayList control - Dynamic array with sorting support.
- ErrorLabel keyword - Allows error handling.
- Sqrt keyword - Calculates square root.
- Visual Designer improved.
- TextBox.IgnoreKey method - Allows user handling of keystrokes.
- Got / Lost Focus events - Supported by: TextBox, ComboBox and ListBox.
- Landscape support.
- Screen Size customization support in the desktop.
- Form.Width / Height properties.
- Name property added to all controls.
- Dispose property added to all controls.
- FilePutByte / FileGetByte keywords.
- SIP keyword - Shows / hides the soft input panel.
- cPPC constant - True if application is running on a Pocket PC / Windows Mobile and false otherwise.
- AppPath keyword - Returns the application path.
- StrCompare keyword - Compares two strings.
- FileSearch - Fills an ArrayList with all files matching a certain pattern in a specific path.
- DirSearch - Fills an ArrayList with all subdirectories matching a certain pattern in a specific path.
- PPC and Desktop GUI improved.
- Known bugs fixed. v2.20:
- New debugging features and new GUI. v2.05:
- Unicode fonts support added. v2.0:
- Many improvements.
- Windows Mobile 5.0 support. v1.1:
- is online.
- A complete help file is added to the Zip File.
- Now you can create shortcuts to launch your applications directly from the Programs Section, using Basic4ppc Runner v1.1

Download Basic4ppc Desktop v4.0 free for Your Windows Mobile Phone
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