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AM TasksPlus v1.4.0

Summary: AM TasksPlus is a Today Screen plug-in that replaces the simplified tasks plug-in provided by the Pocket PC manufacturer. AM TasksPlus shows compact tasks statistics or a detailed list of incomplete tasks grouped by date (Actual, Due today, Overdue and Future tasks). The list can be eas...

Found under: Utilities, Task

  • Pocket PC 2002 / 2003 / 2003 SE / 5.0
  • ARM Processors

Arrived: Oct 3, 2008

Downloaded 8,100 times

AM TasksPlus v1.4.0 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.8/5
(5 votes cast)

AM TasksPlus v1.4.0 Description

Made by: AM

AM TasksPlus is a Today Screen plug-in that replaces the simplified tasks plug-in provided by the Pocket PC manufacturer. AM TasksPlus shows compact tasks statistics or a detailed list of incomplete tasks grouped by date (Actual, Due today, Overdue and Future tasks). The list can be easily switched between the compact and detailed form.
  • Fully configurable. Allows you to set which tasks to show and how to show them, including the possibility to control the number and order of tasks. Different formats of view allows you to show tasks in form you like, in text and caption size you like. Tasks are filtered by categories.
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible. Supports new PIM notification system.
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE compatible. Fully supports hi-resolution screens with landscape rotation. Square screen devices are also supported.
  • Small footprint. Installation size takes about 60 kb for the main library, additional language packs have approximately 7 kb each, but they are not required for run.
  • On-screen menu. Standard operations as copy view, beam, send to bluetooth, delete task, or make task complete are accessible from Today Screen pop-up menu. Shell extensions are fully supported and included in the menu.
  • Language packs. Distribution currently contains English (included in main library), Slovak, Czech, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Polish and Greek language packs. These packs are not required by the plug-in to run, so you can delete them. Additional language packs are coming.
  • It's Free! And always will.
The plug-in automatically replaces the current Tasks plug-in of the Today Screen. You may also upgrade to a newer version without losing your current settings. If you want to uninstall the plug-in, use the "Remove Programs" dialog in the System Settings tab. By uninstalling the plug-in, all the settings are removed and the previous Tasks plug-in is restored to its original place. Update Description:
v1.3.5 Build 1019:
- Tasks count increased to max. 50.
- Option to show total tasks added.
- Option to draw the division line separately added.
- Chinese Simplified translation pack added.
- Due Today, Overdue and No date tasks are treated as Active (linked to Active) if not checked to separate in the Options dialog box.
- Tasks icon is extracted from ROM (reflects actual icon of the OS).
- Some dialog boxes have been re-arranged. v1.3.4 Build 967:
- Japan translation library added.
- Support for Pocket Informant 2007 added.
- Bug fixed during installation under WM50 devices. v1.3.3 Build 966:
- Hebrew and Portugalese-Brasilian translation library added.
- High priority tasks are marked with question mark.
- New task can be added from today's pop-up menu.
- New scheme added [Subject (Due date)].
- Improved Right-To-Left support.
- Categories filter update (tasks list did not refresh correctly).
- Better settings handling in registry. v1.3.2 Build 936:
- Bug fixed: Compact mode option in pop-up menu was always checked.
- Bug fixed: characters in Russian and Greek language packs were replaced by question marks. v1.3.1 Build 935:
- Active Tasks are treated separately and can be hidden.
- Compact mode option in pop-up menu.
- Sort order (Ascending/Descending).
- Bug fixed: task could be managed using the pop-up menu in compact mode.
- Bug fixed: category filter didn't work properly after soft reset or plug-in reload, when a specific category was selected.
- Minor changes in dialog boxes. v1.2.4 Build 895:
- Bug fixed when device soft-reset or plug-in did not refresh after three changes of theme (*.tsk).
- Faster synchronization under WM50 and ActiveSync 4.1. v1.2.3 Build 887:
- Bug fixed when device soft-reset occured after use of navigation pad (SE and WM50).
- Options Dialog was not initialized correctly when opened from Start > Settings > Today > Items and the plug-in was not activated.
- Expand/Collapse icon replaced by a double-click on icon.
- Polish and Greek language packs added. v1.2.2 Build 862:
- Bug fixed when settings did not persist after device soft-reset.
- Bug fixed in WM2003SE font scaling.
- Bug fixed in WM5.0 when an error was reported in GWES.exe after the Options dialog was closed.
- Categories are now listed correctly under WM5.0 (in the Options dialog).
- Changes in Norwegian, Spanish, German and English language packs.
- Preview window in the Options dialog is always expanded.
- Click on icon displays the Task Manager (instead of Options dialog). v1.2.1 Build 805:
- Bug fix in WM 5.0 notification.
- Better resource management.
- Bug fixed when tasks with "No Categories". Tasks without category disappeared after a while when listed.
- When a Task was selected, Calendar Window was opened instead of Tasks (only when using Pocket Informant).
- Color of the expand/collapse icon fixed (SE only)
- When the task is marked as complete, it is first strikeout from the list and then removed.
- Norwegian language pack added (thanks to Hakon).
- Changes in the Options dialog boxes for better handling.
- Users can specify how many days in advance they want to see future tasks. v1.2.0 Build 715:
- Bug fix in group identification (again!).
- Total number of tasks shows the active tasks together with no date and future tasks.
- "Due Today" and "Overdue" tasks are shown as "Active" tasks when "Due Today" or "Overdue" categories are unchecked in the options.
- Better cooperation with Agenda Fusion (Tasks list is opened instead of the last view used).
- New display mode added: "List of tasks without statistics".
- Tasks can be filtered by categories.
- Link to Web page added in the About box (use it to check for updates). v1.1.4 Build 667:
- Bug fix in category identification. Tasks were identified as future even they were without date (thanks to Clemens).
- Support for Square screen devices added (thanks to Ryan).
- Minor improvements in Italian language pack (thanks to Cesare).
- New language packs added: Danish, German and Swedish (thanks to BalooDK, Clemens, Max and Mats). v1.1.3 Build 635:
- Color of the expand/collapse icon estimation fixed (SE only).
- Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and Czech language libraries added.
- Separated language pack installed (with and without language libraries).
- Options dialog boxes re-arranged.
- Some new schemes added.
- PIM Manager selection added (Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion) like in Calendar+. v1.1.2 Build 504:
- Date information of "No Due" task removed (no date is shown).
- Minor language changes. v1.1.1 Build 486:
- Language corrections (SKY).
- No Word wrap style enhancement (Ellipsis). v1.1.0 Build 483:
- WM 2003SE instalation bug fix.
- Tasks "Without Date" identified as "Active" Tasks.
- "Future Tasks" moved to the end of the list.
- International language support.
- Slovak language library added.
- Today Screen hardware navigation (level 2).
- User selectable Statistics font size. v1.0.1 Build 442:
- Bug fix in screen height estimation (caused flickering when first time loaded).
- About box.
- PIM Add-ins cooperation.
- Separated installation code (smaller installer and image).

- Bold font selected when no task was available.
- Registry clean-up not complete when uninstalled.
- Tasks+ always started in packed view after restart.
- Right to Left Language support.
- Version Info.
- VGA Resolution aware.
- Landscape aware.
- New internal structure of data storage (read more effective).
- Limitation to selected number of tasks to be shown.
- Minimum screen height updated.
- New Options window with sample preview.

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