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Advanced Configuration Tool

Summary: Advanced Configuration Tool - The ultimate tweaking tool for Windows Mobile

Found under: Utilities, Customization, Enhancement, configuration, tweaks

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Dec 16, 2008

Downloaded 128,180 times

Advanced Configuration Tool free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.0/5
(62 votes cast)

Advanced Configuration Tool Description

Developer: TouchXperience

New version 3.3

Fixed crash of the file browser on Samsung Omnia i900/Player Addict
Fixed restoration of TouchFLO 3D settings
Added support for non-standard TouchFLO 3D tabs
Added dddd-mmm-yyyy date format in TouchFLO 3D settings
Added HTC Task Manager tweaks
Added custom values for font sizes

Advanced Configuration Tool allows you to easily modify more than 200 settings for Windows Mobile system and applications.


Main features:

* Extensible tweak list
* Multi-devices support
* Multi-languages support
* Customize key mapping
* Customize file associations
* Custumize ClearType settings
* Customize connection settings
* Customize HTC Comm Manager
* Customize HTC TouchFLO 3D
* Import/export settings using provisioning XML


* User Interface
- Animate windows
- Window animations frames
- Window animations delay
- Animate menus
- Vertical scrollbar width
- Vertical scroll arrow height
- Horizontal scrollbar height
- Horizontal scroll arrow width
- Horizontal icon spacing
- Vertical icon spacing
- Icon title font size
- Menu bar font size
- Popup menu font size
- Use long delay for gestures

* Today
- Single line Date plug-in
- Show clock/battery on title bar
- Show Power icon
- Show Wireless Manager icon

* Performances
- File system cache
- File system cache size
- File system filter cache
- PNP unload delay
- PNP wait I/O delay
- Glyph cache

* Power Management
- SD Memory power management
- MMC Memory power management
- NAND Memory power management
- SIM Memory power management
- AsyncMAC power management
- IrSIR power management
- PPTP power management
- L2TP power management
- USB charging
- Show moving charge bar
- AC resuming from suspend timeout
- Battery resuming from suspend timeout

* Screen
- Show Orientation settings
- Landscape mode
- Landscape fixed
- Aut- device lock
- Aut- device lock timeout
- Dim backlight in unlock screen
- Backlight lock level

* Input
- Keyboard layout
- Slide wake up
- Keyboard backlight timeout
- Suggested words

* Network
- Device friendly name
- Max TCP Connect Retransmissions
- Max TCP Data Retransmissions
- TCP window size
- Validate server certificate
- WPA authentication
- Wi-Fi scan interval
- Wi-Fi delay after boot
- Turn off Wi-Fi if n- activity
- Wi-Fi aut- off timeout

* Phone
- Phone skin
- Enable vide- calls
- Answer using any key
- Face down mute ring
- Phone sleep during call
- Fast sleep during call
- End call delay
- Call progress idle timeout
- Call ID match
- Shows all call history in dialer
- Max entries in call history
- Call history clean period
- Show SIM contacts
- Purge SIM contacts when n- SIM
- DTMF support
- Show Battery icon
- Show Band page
- Show PIN2 page
- Show NITZ page
- Show TTY page
- Show ALS page
- Use EONS
- CPHS override
- 3G prefix in operator name
- 3G prefix text

* Bluetooth
- Bluetooth device name
- Use Joint Stereo
- Bitpool
- Maximum supported bitpool
- Minimum supported bitpool
- Sample rate
- Audi- gateway service
- Audi- gateway power save

- Assisted GPS
- Log file
- Old log file
- Max. log file size

* Data Connections
- GPRS aut- attach
- GPRS disconnect
- EDGE icon
- HSDPA icon
- Legacy GPRS notification
- HSUPA support
- Private interface for Internet Sharing

* Internet Explorer
- User Agent custom base
- 4-way navigation
- ClearType
- Delay image load
- Block static ActiveX
- Play background sounds
- Show script errors
- URL Prefix
- URL suffix
- Links t- keep
- Search page
- Maximum connections per server
- Proxy Aut- Detection

* Messaging
- Threaded SMS
- SMS sent notification
- SMS delivery notification
- Wake up on new SMS
- SMS Unicode support
- SMS recipients limit
- Max deleted SMS
- Sync Sent Items
- SMS callback number
- SMS priority
- Show roam warning

* Calendar
- Show lunar calendar
- Show events text in Week view
- Holiday category
- Today Item

* Camera
- Save location
- Burst mode
- Theme Phot- mode
- Sport mode
- Vide- Share mode
- GPS Phot- mode
- Max size in Burst mode
- Max size in Sport mode
- Encode photos in portrait mode
- Capture Key Delay
- Key Delay
- Capture Key Delay Time

* Locations
- Program Files folder
- My Documents folder
- Application Data folder
- Desktop folder
- Programs folder
- StartUp folder
- Recent folder
- Favorites folder
- Fonts folder
- Default storage location for image files
- Default storage location for audi- files
- Default storage location for vide- files
- Default storage location for downloads
- Internet Explorer cache location
- Internet Explorer cookies location
- Internet Explorer history location

* Task Manager
- Refresh interval
- CPU usage refresh interval

* Voice Command
- Respect key lock
- Default TTS rate

* Windows Live
- Live Search URL

* Splash screen
- MS splash screen on startup
- MS splash screen on shutdown
- Carrier splash screen on startup
- Carrier splash screen on shutdown
- MS timeout on startup
- MS timeout on shutdown
- Carrier timeout on startup
- Carrier timeout on shutdown

* HTC Animation
- Animation
- Volume
- GIF file
- WAV file
- Startup GIF file
- Startup WAV file
- Shutdown GIF file
- Shutdown WAV file
- GIF animation speed
- Play shutdown animation

* HTC TouchFLO
- Scrolling
- Cube
- Sound
- Pressure threshold
- Finger Pressure
- High scrolling speed
- Low scrolling speed

* HTC TouchFLO 3D
- Show logo

* HTC Home
- Lock position
- Always open E-mail folder
- Weather location
- Weather location code

* HTC Audi- Manager
- Music player volume

* HTC Music plug-in
- Default music player

* HTC Audi- Booster
- Bass Level
- Treble Level
- 3D Sound Level

* HTC Camera Album
- OK button
- Show Camera icon

* HTC AT Debug Log
- HTC Debug Log
- Log mode
- RAM size
- File index
- File size

* G-sensor
- G-sensor polling interval

* Light sensor
- Light sensor polling
- Light sensor polling interval
- Light sensor threshold
- Light sensor threshold t- turn screen off

* Miscellaneous
- Security warning
- Delete CAB file after install
- Automatic daylight savings switch-over
- Show daylight saving time notifications

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