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Download GiftStacker for Windows Phone 7

Help Santa

games, classics
Released Mar 15, 2012
Download Snake Ultra for Windows Phone 7
Snake Ultra

The best snake game there is!!! -With levels, -Settings page -Nice graphics - 15 levels!!! Watch out for enemy snakes !!...

games, classics
Released Mar 13, 2012
Download ANAGRAMS for Windows Phone 7

A Word Game.

games, classics
Released Mar 6, 2012
Download SpeedUp for Windows Phone 7

Test your speed

games, classics
Released Mar 6, 2012
Download Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors for Windows Phone 7
Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

Robot shoots unicorn...

games, classics
Released Mar 1, 2012
Download NoughtsAndCrosses for Windows Phone 7

Tic Tac Toe

games, classics
Released Mar 2, 2012
Download Zuminja Free for Windows Phone 7
Zuminja Free

Do you want to know a secret of a good game? Take a few pandas, add some Ninjas and put them into a fun scenario. So easy!

games, classics
Released Feb 24, 2012
Download Coding4Fun ScriptTD for Windows Phone 7
Coding4Fun ScriptTD

Bugs Attack! is a Tower Defence game for Windows 7 Phone, based on a game engine provided by Microsoft. It is a project for

games, classics
Released Feb 3, 2012
Download FireAndWater for Windows Phone 7

Element War

games, classics
Released Feb 2, 2012
Download Analog Pong for Windows Phone 7
Analog Pong

Nice looking classic Pong

games, classics
Released Jan 28, 2012
Download Finger Fantasy for Windows Phone 7
Finger Fantasy

Ever wanted to stick your finger into a fan? Now's your chance. Try to hold your finger in the fan for as long as possible until

games, classics
Released Jan 27, 2012
Download AnimalAdventures for Windows Phone 7

Avoid obstacles and shoot

games, classics
Released Jan 21, 2012
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