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Download CircleBox for Windows Phone 7

A beautiful app for people who want to pass the time. Here is a cube, which has three degrees of freedom. Touch of a finger can

games, classics
Released Oct 16, 2012
Download Solitaire4Ever for Windows Phone 7

This classical and addictive card game needs no introduction. This popular version of solitaire has many names: Klondike,

games, classics
Released Oct 15, 2012
Download Classic Tetris for Windows Phone 7
Classic Tetris

Classic Tetris game in Windows Phone 7....

games, classics
Released Oct 11, 2012
Download BRAIN SCAN for Windows Phone 7

In This Application the user has to select and Memorize a secret symbol of his/her choice(do not spell it out). the device

games, classics
Released Oct 12, 2012
Download Fish eats Fish for Windows Phone 7
Fish eats Fish

Fish eats fish is a addictive windows phone 7 game. Tilt your phone around to eat other fishes before the timer runs out. The

games, classics
Released Sep 15, 2012
Download CowsAndBullsWords for Windows Phone 7

Here, Bulls and Cows is an old code-breaking paper and pencil game for only one player. It is a game with numbers that may

games, classics
Released Sep 13, 2012
Download SpinTheBottle for Windows Phone 7

Click on spin to sping the bottle. This simulates the "spinning the bottle" operation in the Truth or Dare game....

games, classics
Released Sep 13, 2012
Download MultiPlayer Hangman for Windows Phone 7
MultiPlayer Hangman

Play the classical game in multiplayer mode on your windows phone in style!!!!!1 (Supports single player as well.....) More

games, classics
Released Sep 11, 2012
Download splashit for Windows Phone 7

Splash it is an application where users can paint on the screen with different given colours....

games, classics
Released Aug 23, 2012
Download XO for Windows Phone 7

Classic XO game. enjoy :)...

games, classics
Released Aug 18, 2012
Download Yahpee Free for Windows Phone 7
Yahpee Free

Simple dice game like pok

games, classics
Released Jul 17, 2012
Download Treasure Hunt for Windows Phone 7
Treasure Hunt

Make lines, horizontally

games, classics
Released Jul 9, 2012
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