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Download Mario Differences for Windows Phone 7
Mario Differences

The "Find the differences" classic game. There are ten pictures with five differences per picture. You have 90 seconds to find

games, classics
Released Nov 30, 2012
Download Housie for Windows Phone 7

In Housie game, one person is required to take out the number, so this app will avoid one extra person's requirement. It will

games, classics
Released Nov 20, 2012
Download CrazySnake for Windows Phone 7

games, classics
Released Nov 20, 2012
Download Arkady for Windows Phone 7

A classic space shooter Game. The game is the first version and is for my Dev Games specialization course. The game needs some

games, classics
Released Nov 14, 2012
Download Burden Chess 2012 for Windows Phone 7
Burden Chess 2012

Burden Chess 2012 is an classic game on Windows Phone. It's Vietnam Chess Support languages: English...

games, classics
Released Nov 13, 2012
Download Galaxy Worm F for Windows Phone 7
Galaxy Worm F

Galaxy Worm F like the game snake! Play it like you have never played it before. A large Variety of challenging levels, with

games, classics
Released Nov 7, 2012
Download TetrizFree for Windows Phone 7

This is a simple game for tetris fans . You can change the shapes and control as left, down, right and rotate .This game is a new

games, classics
Released Nov 7, 2012
Download wp7snake for Windows Phone 7

It is a classic game especially for children.. all the people were very eager to play the games that are present in basic

games, classics
Released Nov 1, 2012
Download Tetroblocks Master for Windows Phone 7
Tetroblocks Master

Tetriminos are game pieces shaped like tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four square blocks each. A random sequence of

games, classics
Released Oct 24, 2012
Download Gomoku FREE for Windows Phone 7
Gomoku FREE

Play Gomoku against the phone! This is the FREE version of Gomoku! If you would like to remove ads please buy the payed

games, classics
Released Oct 23, 2012
Download Snake Game for Windows Phone 7
Snake Game

This is the snake game application, which is more funny to play. you can play this game according to the instructions given in

games, classics
Released Oct 23, 2012
Download Fruit Weigher for Windows Phone 7
Fruit Weigher

Find out the most heavy fruit related to the situation. When you find out the right fruit, game will become more difficult and

games, classics
Released Oct 17, 2012
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