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Download Game Memory for Windows Phone 7
Game Memory

It's a classic Memory Card game in which you should find the matching pairs of cards...

games, card, board
Released Nov 30, 2012
Download Cute Lines for Windows Phone 7
Cute Lines

Lines classic game with new style. Very cute! You have a 9x9 board and 3 color balls that will be added in next turn. You need

games, card, board
Released Nov 25, 2012
Download Hot Hockey for Windows Phone 7
Hot Hockey

Hot hockey is a hockey game with many levels. Enjoy and share with us. Have fun...

games, card, board
Released Nov 21, 2012
Download Naruto TicTacToe for Windows Phone 7
Naruto TicTacToe

Naruto in TicTacToe Mode ......Download And Enjoy...

games, card, board
Released Oct 26, 2012
Download XNASolitaire for Windows Phone 7

Now play your favorite card game Solitaire on your lovely Windows Phone.......

games, card, board
Released Oct 17, 2012
Download NumVSMEMORY for Windows Phone 7

This is simple game. in this game we first show the numbers and after sometime the numbers are jumbled and the u have to

games, card, board
Released Oct 16, 2012
Download Snake_and_Ladder for Windows Phone 7

In this game the their is a die and u have to role it and then the based on the number the coin will move and if the coin is in

games, card, board
Released Oct 15, 2012
Download Ludo for Windows Phone 7

Ludo is a game that has enthralled generations of children and often their parents too! It is easy to play and a lot of fun....

games, card, board
Released Oct 14, 2012
Download TicTacToe.Properties for Windows Phone 7

Tic-tac-toe, also called noughts and crosses (in the British Commonwealth countries) X's and O's (in Ireland) and X and 0

games, card, board
Released Sep 28, 2012
Download Oh Hell for Windows Phone 7
Oh Hell

Beta Version !!! For 3 Players...

games, card, board
Released Sep 13, 2012
Download House_Pro for Windows Phone 7

In this game we have to select the numbers such that we should complete one row each row completion will reviles a letter in the

games, card, board
Released Sep 7, 2012
Download Find_Out for Windows Phone 7

It is simple and interesting game to play...

games, card, board
Released Aug 20, 2012
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