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Strike Out

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Summary: See if you still got game

Released: Feb 11, 2011
Found in: Games, Sports & Racing

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is Strike Out:
Developer: B+ Studio
30-day limit for free!! And Within 30 days, if:
Total download hits 100,000 times, an ultimate cheat mode will be unlocked.
Total download hits 300,000 times, Strike Out will be permanently download-free.

Remember your first pitch when you were a kid?
Remember your dream to pitch in the MLB?
Now you have a chance to prove do you still have what it takes to be the best and the fastest pitcher.

"Strike Out" is a fantastic baseball game for Windows Phone 7 to play and challenge with your friends to find out who is the fastest pitcher. "Strike Out" will provide a simulated field experience and will radar gun you pitch speed to see do you have still have the arm to compete.

If you and your friends are baseball fans, "Strike Out" is definitely the game you cannot miss. What's more, with our steroid mode, I bet you will enjoy the look on your friend's face when you show them what you got.

- Retro field and stadium scene
- Realistic sound effect and vibration
- Interactive game commentary
- Steroid mode
- Hidden pitching techniques

How to Play:
Hang on tight to your mobile phone and prepare your best looking major league pitch move and PITCH!

Try "Strike out", when you:
- At your friends party
- Try out your arm
- Got out a baseball stadium
- Watch a baseball game on TV
- Challenge your friend’s arm
- Or anywhere else you want a little laughter

Download Strike Out free for your Windows Phone 7

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