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SlapDash Radio

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Summary: SlapDash Radio Podcasts!

Released: Dec 22, 2010
Found in: Music & Video

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is SlapDash Radio:
Developer: Isenhour
No More Syncing!

SlapDash Radio is a fully functional podcast application for Windows Phone 7. You can enjoy all of the features you love from other popular podcast applications without the headache of syncing content to your player from your PC or Mac.

With SlapDash Radio you can:

- Listen to the latest episodes from your favorite podcasts on demand.

- Subscribe to podcasts and keep several episodes on your phone at one time. Content is fully saved to your phone so you can enjoy your shows even when you don’t have an internet connection!

-Facebook integration. Share podcasts with your friends.

- Browse a catalog of top rated podcasts

- Powerful built in search capabilities allow you to add podcasts that may not be available in the catalog. Type in an internet web page and the application will search the site for podcasts.

Why SlapDash Radio?

I’m personally a podcast Junkie and I’ve been enjoying podcast content for years. I decided to build SlapDash Radio after a lot frustration with the players that were available on the market. The availble players always fell into two categories:

The first type of players relied on a PC or Mac to subscribe/download podcast content which you would then sync to your mobile player using a cable. This works great when you are around your computer, but not so great when you are on the move and you want to listen to your latest podcast.

The second type of players were purely on demand streaming applications that didn’t offer any sort of subscription/download like features. You simply dialed into your podcast much like dialing into a radio station. This is more convienient than the first type of players, but what if you are somewhere that doesn't have a good internet connection? Ever tried listening to a streaming show on the bus? Or in that one corner of your house that just won't catch a signal? Besides, modern mobile devices have lots of storage, why go back to the old radio model?

Download SlapDash Radio free for your Windows Phone 7

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