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ShopGlider Grocery Shopping List

Download ShopGlider Grocery Shopping List for Windows Phone 7
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Summary: Your grocery lists online

Released: Nov 9, 2010
Found in: Lifestyle, Shopping

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is ShopGlider Grocery Shopping List:
Developer: Streamlife
Detailed description, a popular free Web service that saves people time and money on grocery shopping, is now available on your Windows Phone7! Whether you use it as a companion app for site or in a standalone mode, your grocery shopping will never be the same. Say goodbye to forgotten items, written notes and “did you get that milk?” questions.

ShopGlider helps you to keep all your grocery shopping lists, recipes and coupons online, access them when you need them and share them with others. The first version of ShopGlider WP7 app focuses on shopping lists. Later versions will also support other features currently available through site, such as recipes and coupons.

Features in this release include:
- Online and offline modes
- Simple intuitive user interface
- Accompanying site with rich features such as multiple lists, account sharing, shopping list templates, recipes, and coupons for major brands. Seamless integration with the site allows you to use a single account for the site and the app.
- Multiple shopping lists support (edited on the site, exposed in the app)

In this release (1.9):
- Bulk operations with items
- Enhanced user feedback submission

Download ShopGlider Grocery Shopping List free for your Windows Phone 7

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