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RLX Watch Guide

Download RLX Watch Guide for Windows Phone 7
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Summary: RLX Watch Guide

Released: Nov 8, 2010
Found in: Books & Reference, Reference

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is RLX Watch Guide:
Developer: Dirk Weber
This little "pocket" guide for your Windows Phone 7 is a light guide to help and support you when exploring the world of Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches.
I tried to capture interesting and relevant information on a selected number of Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches which I have a personal interest in. If you are in the market for a Rolex I strongly suggest to visit the various forums on the Internet for a comprehensive overview as this market has been in quite some movements these past years.
So called "vintage" models are much in demand and for the unexperienced buyer it is very difficult to spot what makes a watch 5 timex more valuable than the model next to it which looks very much the same ...
For comments & feedback check out the *** NEW *** Facebook Group "RLX Watch Guide".

This has been a "moonlight" project with no commercial background what so ever. Brand names are property of the respective owner.

Windows Phone 7 Rocks :-)

Dirk Weber
Munich, December 2010

Version History:
Vers 1.4 - Dec 21st 2010
Added Figures tab

Vers 1.3 - Nov 25th 2010
Replaced Web Browser with static images

Vers 1.2 - Nov 20th 2010
Adding Info tab
Adding Rolex History tab
Adding Web Browser to display images

Vers 1.1 - Nov 8th 2010
Enable horizontal display
Minor text changes

Vers 1.0 - Nov 8th 2010
Initial Release

Download RLX Watch Guide free for your Windows Phone 7

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