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My Prayer

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Summary: Muslim Prayer Times

Released: Dec 1, 2010
Found in: Lifestyle, Community

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is My Prayer:
Developer: Hani Atassi
Calculates location-aware Muslim prayer times. It also provides message notifications as well as live tile updates on prayer times.


- Shows the prayer times for the current day.
- Shows the prayer times for next or previous days.
- Sends message notifications when the prayer time is due.
- Sends reminder message notifications before the prayer time based on configured settings
- Updates the tile to reflect the current prayer and a special indicator on the tile when there is only 30 minutes to the next prayer.
- The ability to select different calculation methods.

The Notification feature is based on the Windows Phone 7 Push technology. If the Notification feature is enabled from the Settings page, the phone would receive around 17 push notifications a day. One message for each prayer and two tile notifications for each prayer.

Change log:

- Fix for an issue with the Tile text goes back to "Current Prayer" instead of showing the next prayer time
- Fix for a possible crash when starting the app without network connectivity and the notifications feature is enabled
- Other minor fixes

- Added pre-notification feature
- Various bug fixes

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