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Summary: Lyrics for current song

Released: Aug 20, 2011
Found in: music, video

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is LyricsNowPlaying FREE:
Developer: LumaLilt
New in 1.2:
* Fixed problem with lyrics not being returned for any song
* Overhauled layout for better screen space usage; changed buttons in app bar to Options in a pivot item

-Displays clean, clear, easy-to-read lyrics for the song you are currently playing in a music app. You can easily resize the words to the song by using your fingers on the screen to Pinch-In or Pinch-Out. Uses theme colors you've chosen for your phone to give you the look you want and not clutter up your display.
-Full-featured Trial is ad-supported
-Purchase the Full version for Ad Hiding option
-Phone Dialer & User Identity capabilities part of Microsoft's Ads and are not used, stored or transmitted in any way by the developer of this app
-Location Services can be turned off in all versions and are only used to aid Microsoft's Ads; also not used, stored or transmitted in any other way by the developer of this app

Download LyricsNowPlaying FREE free for your Windows Phone 7

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