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Airyware Tuner Lite

Download Airyware Tuner Lite for Windows Phone 7
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Summary: Multi-instrument tuner.

Released: Aug 1, 2012
Found in: music, video

Requirements: Windows Phone 7
What is Airyware Tuner Lite:
Developer: Airyware
::: Fast ::: Accurate ::: Free ::: Chromatic multi-instrument tuner using the same 64-bit NeatTimbreâ„¢ DSP engine found in paid version. Sponsored by ads.

We received a lot of positive feedback about full version of Airyware Tuner and there were many requests to release a free simple version of it for those people who does not need denoiser, pitch pipe nor other bells and whistles. These people usually have their instruments been tuned previously, and they only need to quickly check if any string gets out-of-tune because of temperature or humidity fluctuations, or just because strings are new. While free apps are not our initial strategy, we decided that we would release a free lite version of Airyware Tuner and see how it goes. If it becomes popular and gets high rating we will be adding more features according to your requests. Do not hesitate to contact us. Please send feature requests and bug reports directly from the app. Please don't use 'rate and review' to report bugs or request features because while we can fix a bug shortly you can never fix the low rating paired to that bug.

Happy tuning and have your instruments sound their best!

Airyware Tuner Lite 1.0 features:
* most accurate tuning engine
* most convenient fullscreen belt-gauge display
* shortest pitch detection time
* shortest required note sustain time
* widest tuning range: 9 octaves C0..B8
* works for any string or wind instrument

Demo video:
Visit us:
Email us: [email protected]

Download Airyware Tuner Lite free for your Windows Phone 7

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