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free VoiceClock v0.5 for windows mobile phone
VoiceClock v0.5
Summary: This software will speak the current time on your Pocket PC. You can assign it into a hardware key so when you press that key, you can hear the time !!!...

Arrived: Jan 16, 2004
Downloaded 1,804 times
Found under: Clock/Calendar, Utilities

free PocketLCD v1.0 for windows mobile phone
PocketLCD v1.0
Summary: This program can check your LCD have any dead pixel or not. It will display the color in full screen mode. So you can check the LCD with different color !!! ...

Arrived: Jan 16, 2004
Downloaded 392 times
Found under: Utilities, Development

free HKMark6 v1.0 (build 030814) for windows mobile phone
HKMark6 v1.0 (build 030814)
Summary: Do you want be a rich man??? Try this program !!! It is Free !!! Mark6 is a Lotto in Hong Kong. HKMark6 is a Mark6 prediction program. It will generate 6 numbers within 1-49. ...

Arrived: Jan 16, 2004
Downloaded 400 times
Found under: Misc/Fun, Utilities

free OMBS (CG03) 5.13 for windows mobile phone
OMBS (CG03) 5.13
Summary: OzMiniBar 2004(v3.5) or later

Arrived: Jan 12, 2004
Downloaded 66 times
Found under: Utilities, Skins, Screen Capture

free SanDisk SD WiFi Drivers for windows mobile phone
SanDisk SD WiFi Drivers
Summary: The cab file for the first SD wifi card from SanDisk. SanDisk only offers an EXE file which is useless without active sync. So I grabbed the cab file, and now it is available for pe...

Arrived: Jan 9, 2004
Downloaded 1,617 times
Found under: Utilities, Patch

Rating: 3.0/5 (3 votes)
  • Currently 3.00/5

free MiniResolver (2000/2002) 1.0 for windows mobile phone
MiniResolver (2000/2002) 1.0
Summary: It can resolve host name to IPv4 address, or from IP address to its reverse DNS. You need to have a dialup connection, WiFi, GPRS/3G or network connection to execute this application.

Arrived: Jan 7, 2004
Downloaded 754 times
Found under: Other, Internet, Utilities

free Speech Timer v1.0 for windows mobile phone
Speech Timer v1.0
Summary: This program is designed primarily as a timing tool for members of Toastmasters International. It displays the standard Green, Yellow, and Red timing signals commonly used in Toastmasters. It can ...

Arrived: Jan 5, 2004
Downloaded 250 times
Found under: Hobbies, Utilities

free Terminator v1.0.6 for windows mobile phone
Terminator v1.0.6
Summary: Terminator is a very basic utility to manage different ways of powering of your Pocket PC: Stand By (like the Power button), Restart (a soft reset) and Lock that will display a password entry screen before allowing acces...

Arrived: Jan 2, 2004
Downloaded 453 times
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement

free MiniResolver 2003 1.0 for windows mobile phone
MiniResolver 2003 1.0
Summary: An PocketPC version resolv(ported from Unix), similar to NSLookup on Windows platform. It can resolve host name to IPv4 address, or from IP address to its reverse DNS. You need to have a dialup connection, WiFi...

Arrived: Dec 22, 2003
Downloaded 335 times
Found under: Other, Internet, Utilities

free Smilies Input Panel for windows mobile phone
Smilies Input Panel
Summary: This SIP is created out of the curiousity of how easy it is to create a SIP for PocketPC. The Panel is filled with 30 smilies, taken from MSN and Yahoo. Below the 3 rows of smilies y...

Arrived: Dec 15, 2003
Downloaded 698 times
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement

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