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free Phyllis v0.47 for windows mobile phone
Phyllis v0.47
Summary: Phyllis is a two player card game that you can play against your Pocket PC. It's a bizarre game, and at first it doesn't seem to have any sort of stragy, just a play by the rules game. Then you get near the e...

Arrived: Sep 29, 2006
Downloaded 280 times
Found under: Games, Card

free Graphical Hero Companion Alpha 1 for windows mobile phone
Graphical Hero Companion Alpha 1
Summary: Graphical Hero Companion (GHC in short) is a multi-platform application developed for all the people who play RPGs (Role Playing Game) and need something to track down various aspects of the game. ...

Arrived: May 29, 2006
Downloaded 275 times
Found under: Games, Utilities

free Hitofri v1.1 for windows mobile phone
Hitofri v1.1
Summary: Hitori is a Japanese puzzle game (literally -let me alone-), published by Nikoli. It is played on a grid of squares. At the beginning, each cell contains a symbol (number or something else, you can choose). ...

Arrived: Feb 19, 2007
Downloaded 262 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free CashOut v1.1 Beta for windows mobile phone
CashOut v1.1 Beta
Summary: This program is designed to assist you with the Cash In/Cash Out process of a poker game. The program will keep a running total of how much money is in play as well as displaying a total at the end of the g...

Arrived: May 7, 2004
Downloaded 248 times
Found under: Games, Card

free Ghronos v2.0 for windows mobile phone
Ghronos v2.0
Summary: Ghronos is a gaming clock for chess, go, scrabble, boggle, and any other game which requires a timing device. Ghronos is modeled after the very popular Chronos (TM) and runs on many different platforms inclu...

Arrived: Mar 16, 2005
Downloaded 246 times
Found under: Games, Utilities

free S.C. Out v0.9.69 for windows mobile phone
S.C. Out v0.9.69
Summary: S.C. Out is a logic/puzzle game for Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile operating system. It is a Pocket PC port of an old DOS game called S.C. Out. P The goal of the game is to destroy the alien head on each leve...

Arrived: Jan 10, 2007
Downloaded 233 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes)
  • Currently 4.50/5

free BPuzz v1.0 for windows mobile phone
BPuzz v1.0
Summary: Fill in the grid with numbers 1 to 25. You must keep a distance of 2 cases beetween consecutifs numbers on horizontal and vertical and a distance of 1 cases diagonally. Good luck !...

Arrived: Jan 23, 2006
Downloaded 230 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free Rawalls v1.2 for windows mobile phone
Rawalls v1.2
Summary: In this puzzle game, you have to find out where the walls on the edges of hexagons are located, given the number of visible cells from each cells. Install: Just one file to manually ...

Arrived: Oct 9, 2006
Downloaded 200 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free BlackBox v2.1 for windows mobile phone
BlackBox v2.1
Summary: Find out the hidden atoms in the 8x8 grid using X-rays. X-rays interacts with atoms: - 90° reflected on the edge - absorbed if it directly hits ...

Arrived: Oct 18, 2004
Downloaded 197 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free TarotScores v2.0.1.0 for windows mobile phone
TarotScores v2.0.1.0
Summary: Compte les points de vos parties de Tarot. Currently Not available...

Arrived: Jan 4, 2006
Downloaded 189 times
Found under: Games, Card

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