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free Square Heads v0.4.1 for windows mobile phone
Square Heads v0.4.1
Summary: This is Filler-like game for up to 4 players. Your main goal is to capture cells on field: as much, as possible. Installation: Copy all files from archive to any directory on your Po...

Arrived: Nov 22, 2004
Downloaded 516 times
Found under: Games, Board

free PocketGenius v0.19 for windows mobile phone
PocketGenius v0.19
Summary: This game is a brain-teaser and is similar to mastermind except that it uses numbers instead of colors or symbols. You need to guess 4 different digits in the right sequence in 9 tries or less. Yo...

Arrived: Mar 16, 2005
Downloaded 505 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free PocketTrommy for windows mobile phone
Summary: You can play 1 on 1 or 1 vs computer that has 3 difficulty levels. PocketTrommy looks like othello/reversi but it has different rules. Good plaing feeling will give you the music wh...

Arrived: Nov 21, 2003
Downloaded 504 times
Found under: Games, Board

free MindSweeper for windows mobile phone
Summary: This is a simple Mine Sweeper clone. Draw from another square into a square to 'mark' it....

Arrived: Nov 7, 2003
Downloaded 494 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free GMSquare v1.0.2 for windows mobile phone
GMSquare v1.0.2
Summary: GMSquare is a reflexion games for WinCE. You have to "light on" 100 cells clicking only on red squares. Unlimited UNDO/REDO. The game is possible. But it can be hard without cheating!...

Arrived: Jul 7, 2006
Downloaded 481 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free MemoryInCE! v3.0 for windows mobile phone
MemoryInCE! v3.0
Summary: Train your brain with MemoryInCE! MemoryInCE offers game statistics and various symbols to play with. What's new: - Additional levels (suggestion from a gambler). ...

Arrived: Dec 17, 2003
Downloaded 481 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free Pocket Irked v2.1 for windows mobile phone
Pocket Irked v2.1
Summary: Irked is a block game that is very VERY similar to VEXED, a game for Palm OS. While 100% of Irked's graphics were ripped from VEXED, Irked contains 90+% new code. Only the levels, the loop that evaluates bloc...

Arrived: Mar 15, 2004
Downloaded 472 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free Nicera Shapes v1.2 for windows mobile phone
Nicera Shapes v1.2
Summary: Puzzle game: one player mode, undo / redo features, save the game and play it at a later time. Fully removal of the shapes gives a bonus of 500 points and the game continues!...

Arrived: May 10, 2004
Downloaded 468 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

free Dekses for windows mobile phone
Summary: "Dekses" is a puzzle game with 3 game modes, the idea is to follow and right number order and move the digits it their correct places Click HERE to download Dekses directly to your PocketPC - Windows Mobile 5....

Arrived: Dec 4, 2006
Downloaded 465 times
Found under: puzzle, game, board, mind, memory

free Tigers and Goats v1.1 for windows mobile phone
Tigers and Goats v1.1
Summary: This is an ancient game from Tibet, and is often played on a beaten brass board, with figures cast in brass. This Pocket PC version is played by two persons. It is not possible to play against the computer. ...

Arrived: Sep 20, 2004
Downloaded 451 times
Found under: Games, Board

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