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free Teddies Revenge v2.1 for windows mobile phone
Teddies Revenge v2.1
Summary: Do you know where your odd socks go to when they disappear from the washing machine? Teddy does - You remember don't you? The one you loved all them years ago; where is it that Teddy now? You craz...

Arrived: Aug 25, 2004
Downloaded 689 times
Found under: Games, Arcade

free Texas Hold'em Calculator v1.0 for windows mobile phone
Texas Hold'em Calculator v1.0
Summary: Stop losing, start WINNING! Many poker players cannot understand why they lose money playing good starting hands. The reason is- hand values fluctuate greatly depending on the number of people in the pot. (Se...

Arrived: Aug 18, 2004
Downloaded 801 times
Found under: Games, Utilities

free Battleship v1.2 for windows mobile phone
Battleship v1.2
Summary: The version of Battleship is much like normal battleship, but with 2 exceptions to the rules: - You play against your self, you have 25 allowed misses total. - The ships can wrap around the edges ...

Arrived: Jun 25, 2004
Downloaded 3,639 times
Found under: Games, Strategy

Rating: 4.0/5 (3 votes)
  • Currently 4.00/5

free Pocket Game Network Beta 1 for windows mobile phone
Pocket Game Network Beta 1
Summary: Pocket Game Network is an online gaming suite for Windows Mobile 2003 handheld devices. It allows users play games on their PDA's with other Pocket Game Network users. Due to its online capabili...

Arrived: Jun 17, 2004
Downloaded 388 times
Found under: Games, Utilities

free Pocket 3D Tic Tac Toe DeLuxe v0.86 for windows mobile phone
Pocket 3D Tic Tac Toe DeLuxe v0.86
Summary: 3D Tic Tac Toe with real-time board walk-around features. This exceptional Tic Tac Toe game opens new horizons in playing Tic Tac Toe against the computer anywhere, anytime. The AI (artificial int...

Arrived: Jun 7, 2004
Downloaded 1,498 times
Found under: Games, Board

Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes)
  • Currently 5.00/5

free NetBubbles v1.0 for windows mobile phone
NetBubbles v1.0
Summary: NetBubbles is a new version of Freebubbles, a well known game now that Jawbreaker has been included with all Windows Mobile 2003 machines. Do I really need to explain that you must remove the maximum number ...

Arrived: Jun 4, 2004
Downloaded 3,018 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes)
  • Currently 5.00/5

free MookMasher v1.0 for windows mobile phone
MookMasher v1.0
Summary: MookMasher is a GM's assistant for running combats in the Feng Shui roleplaying game system. (It has nothing to do with the ancient oriental art of geomancy.) Although with attentive players and relatively-small combats,...

Arrived: Jun 4, 2004
Downloaded 53 times
Found under: Games, Utilities

free Anagrams v0.8 for windows mobile phone
Anagrams v0.8
Summary: Anagrams is a game that asks you to find all the words you can possibly make out of the letters of a word given to you by the program. No matter if those words have fewer letters than the original word. The ...

Arrived: Jun 4, 2004
Downloaded 3,267 times
Found under: Games, Puzzle

Rating: 3.7/5 (3 votes)
  • Currently 3.67/5

free Pocket Life v2.2 for windows mobile phone
Pocket Life v2.2
Summary: Conway's Game of Life (aka "Life") is a mathematical toy which was discovered in 1970 and has been ported to almost every single kind of computer since then. I could not find a version for the Pocket PC, so I wrote one ...

Arrived: May 31, 2004
Downloaded 1,600 times
Found under: Games, Misc/Fun

free BGLightCE v0.9.5 Beta for windows mobile phone
BGLightCE v0.9.5 Beta
Summary: BGLightCE is a backgammon game for the Pocket PC that is based on Gnu Backgammon. It features the strongest backgammon opponent available for the Pocket PC. Features include match play and different playing levels, vario...

Arrived: May 24, 2004
Downloaded 10,746 times
Found under: Games, Board

Rating: 4.4/5 (5 votes)
  • Currently 4.40/5

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