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free nPOP v1.0.7 for windows mobile phone
nPOP v1.0.7
Summary: This software allows you to access e-mail on a POP3 mail server on your Pocket PC. It provides the function of common remote e-mail access. The mail displayed by nPOP is only the mail on the present on the s...

Arrived: Mar 6, 2006
Downloaded 189 times
Found under: Communication, Mail

free PocketSkype v2.0.0.51 for windows mobile phone
PocketSkype v2.0.0.51
Summary: PocketSkype™ is free software that enables you to make Skype voice calls using your WiFi-enabled Microsoft PocketPC based handheld computer from any WiFi hotspot. Skype is the next phenomenon from the peop...

Arrived: Feb 22, 2006
Downloaded 7,510 times
Found under: Communication, Network

Rating: 4.4/5 (5 votes)
  • Currently 4.40/5

free PocketPoster v0.7 for windows mobile phone
PocketPoster v0.7
Summary: A WinCE/PocketPC LiveJournal client that only depends on the .Net Compact Framework 1.0. It supports drafts and saving credentials. It is compatible with PocketPC 3.0 or newer, as well as Windows Mobile 5.0....

Arrived: Feb 20, 2006
Downloaded 24 times
Found under: Communication, Utilities

free Phone Profiles v1.2.1.329 for windows mobile phone
Phone Profiles v1.2.1.329
Summary: Application to set your phone settings in a easy and yet fast way. Features: - Today plugin for convenient and quick profile selection. - 9 user configurable profiles....

Arrived: Feb 13, 2006
Downloaded 4,168 times
Found under: Communication, Phone

Rating: 2.8/5 (6 votes)
  • Currently 2.83/5

free Mobileplay v1.0 for windows mobile phone
Mobileplay v1.0
Summary: Mobileplay is an innovative technology solution which delivers free, advertising-supported content to users of smart mobile devices. Content download via the Mobileplay service is 10X faster than a browser a...

Arrived: Feb 10, 2006
Downloaded 504 times
Found under: Communication, Network

free FlightMode v1.1.0 for windows mobile phone
FlightMode v1.1.0
Summary: Application to turn on/off the radio of the phone. Update Description: v1.1.0: - Fixed the turn on problems. v1.0.0: - In...

Arrived: Jan 30, 2006
Downloaded 109 times
Found under: Communication, Phone

free CicleBT v2.0.0.274 for windows mobile phone
CicleBT v2.0.0.274
Summary: Application to turn on/off the bluetooth. Now is compatible with Broadcom (Widcomm) stack too! Update Description: v2.0.0.274: - Add Broadcom (wid...

Arrived: Jan 30, 2006
Downloaded 634 times
Found under: Communication, Wireless

Rating: 4.0/5 (3 votes)
  • Currently 4.00/5

free ActiveSync Toggle v1.0 for windows mobile phone
ActiveSync Toggle v1.0
Summary: ActiveSync... that wonderful Microsoft program for synchronising data between your PDA and PC. It loads itself automatically, syncs your PDA with your PC, then sits there, patiently waiting to synchronise any piece of da...

Arrived: Jan 27, 2006
Downloaded 683 times
Found under: Communication, Synchronization

free News Interceptor 3 Pocket beta 1 for windows mobile phone
News Interceptor 3 Pocket beta 1
Summary: News Interceptor 3 Pocket allows you to subscribe to your favorite news feeds on your Pocket PC device. If you use your Pocket PC with an Internet connection, you can grab all your news and read them directly...

Arrived: Jan 23, 2006
Downloaded 83 times
Found under: Communication, Network

free Serial Data Logger v1.0 for windows mobile phone
Serial Data Logger v1.0
Summary: The Serial Data Logger is perfect for capturing serial data to a file from any of your Pocket PC com ports. Perfect for capturing GPS data. Help file is included and installs on the Pocket PC. Fre...

Arrived: Jan 18, 2006
Downloaded 574 times
Found under: Communication, Utilities

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