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free Pac-mario for windows mobile phone
Pac-mario v1.00
Summary: Play as Mario in this pac-man style game. Avoid goombas and collect pac-pellets.WVGA only

Arrived: May 11, 2010
Downloaded 17,088 times
Found under: mario, games, fun, action, adventure, arcade, puzzle,

Rating: 2.3/5 (4 votes)
  • Currently 2.25/5

free Pakii Squares v1.0 for windows mobile phone
Pakii Squares v1.0
Summary: Connect the squares in numerical order as fast as you can by dragging the stylus across the screen from one square to the next, while avoiding the moving squares their turn comes. Simple concept, but very fun...

Arrived: May 9, 2007
Downloaded 5,300 times
Found under: Games, Action

Rating: 3.7/5 (7 votes)
  • Currently 3.71/5

free Pest Control v1.0.05 for windows mobile phone
Pest Control v1.0.05
Summary: This game's got bugs! As Bob the Exterminator, you must meet your quota of dead bugs on each level and find the exit before time runs out! Pest Control features: - ...

Arrived: Apr 10, 2003
Downloaded 3,525 times
Found under: Games, Action

Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes)
  • Currently 5.00/5

free PhaserX WVGA 480x800 for windows mobile phone
PhaserX WVGA 480x800 v1.00
Summary: Windows Mobile arcade shooting game.6 levels 3 bosses. Fast pace action , your able to fly and shoot photon blasts from your hands. You face zombies , bats , and other odd creatures.

Arrived: Jan 11, 2010
Downloaded 8,091 times
Found under: games, arcade, fun, action, adventure, wvga,

Rating: 3.0/5 (7 votes)
  • Currently 3.00/5

free Pie Gates 1.0 for windows mobile phone
Pie Gates 1.0
Summary: A funny game where you are to throw as many pies as possible to

Arrived: Sep 29, 2004
Downloaded 1,511 times
Found under: Action, Hobbies, Other

free Pillz 1.0 for windows mobile phone
Pillz 1.0
Summary: In this original arcade game, you must keep the Pillz from breaking through the bricks and reaching the bottom. Catch the same colored Pill in a row to get combo points.

Arrived: Apr 28, 2006
Downloaded 7,747 times
Found under: Action, Arcade, Other

Rating: 4.3/5 (3 votes)
  • Currently 4.33/5

free Pocket Breakout CONTROL-EMUL8R Plugin 1.0 for windows mobile phone
Pocket Breakout CONTROL-EMUL8R Plugin 1.0
Summary: Use the TiltCONTROL to play Pocket Breakout (1 and 2). With the Pocket Breakout (1 and 2) CONTROL-EMUL8R Plugin you can use the motion of your Pocket PC to move the paddle.

Arrived: Mar 8, 2005
Downloaded 250 times
Found under: Action, Simulation, Other

free Pocket Highscores 1.1 for windows mobile phone
Pocket Highscores 1.1
Summary: Compete with Pocket PC gamers all over the world by sharing your top scores.

Arrived: Dec 4, 2003
Downloaded 187 times
Found under: Action, Board, Card

free Pocket WaterWorks v1.21 for windows mobile phone
Pocket WaterWorks v1.21
Summary: Pocket WaterWorks is a Pocket PC port of the popular Java Water Works Applet. This "water" simulator will keep you occupied for hours on end. You create paths just by tapping the scre...

Arrived: Mar 24, 2003
Downloaded 11,272 times
Found under: Games, Action

Rating: 4.0/5 (4 votes)
  • Currently 4.00/5

free Pocket Zidane vs. Materazzi v1.0 for windows mobile phone
Pocket Zidane vs. Materazzi v1.0
Summary: This is the Pocket PC version of the known flash game, Zidane vs. Materazzi. You are Zidane and have to headbutt all the Materazzis on the field....

Arrived: Feb 2, 2007
Downloaded 9,700 times
Found under: Games, Action

Rating: 4.1/5 (7 votes)
  • Currently 4.14/5

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