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Summary: Twobile (pronounced Twoh-bul, a mixture of the words "Twitter" and "Mobile") is a new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

Found under: twitter, client, message, chat

* Windows Mobile 5 or above
* Touch-screen device (Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC or Windows Mobile 6 Professional Editions)
* At least 2MB of memory
* At least 1MB of storage for installation
* Internet connection
* Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework Version 2

Arrived: Oct 3, 2009

Downloaded 11,038 times

Twobile free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 3.3/5
(8 votes cast)

Twobile Description

Made by: Infinitum Software


Twitter mobile client for windows mobile

Twobile (pronounced Twoh-bul, a mixture of the words "Twitter" and "Mobile") is a new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. Initially a personal project designed to help access various services provided by Twitter, the project began in mid 2007 and had remained in prototype status for nearly a year. In early 2008, it was decided that since there was a lack of sufficient Windows Mobile Twitter clients that addressed nearly all the services that Twitter provided, the project was moved from a prototype to a publicly available beta.

With the rise of Twitter users and the increase in the adoption of Windows Mobile devices around the world, the need for a client that allows those Windows Mobile users to utilize as many of the features of Twitter as possible without needing to be at a desktop computer increased as well. And as the rates for mobile Internet access and the surcharges incurred by mobile providers for SMS messages increased, the need for a full-featured, yet simple-to-use, client presented itself as a need. Thus, Twobile was born! And even though Twitter provides a web-based interface for mobile devices, its functionality was not as robust as those found on the desktop-version of the web interface.

How much does Twobile cost?

Absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero. Why, you might ask? Because Twitter is free and the ways you access it should be too! We do, however, ask that you donate to us so that we can maintain the Infinitum Software website and the Twobile software if you use the software for personal purposes. If, however, you use it for marketing, promotional, or other business ends, you will be required to pay for the software if you intend to keep it and begin using it for those business-related ends. We believe that this is a reasonable request to those who love the software as it will help us build a better program and better support for it.

Does Twobile work through a third-party server? Is my information secure?

Twobile directly connects to Twitter and all transactions are performed between your Windows Mobile device and the Twitter service. We do not syphon any information like direct messages, statuses, or username and passwords from you. There is no interference between Twobile and Twitter that we artificially inject that would be cause for alarm. However, upon your first successful login and use of Twobile, will will ask you if you would like to add the Twitter user "Twobile" to your friends list. This is optional and absolutely not required, but it will help us convey information about new updates that are available for Twobile when they are released, information about what is coming up, as well as any other notices that we may decide to make public. It also allows us to figure out how many people are using the Twobile client and where in the world they are using it (if you have set a location in your Twitter account). This, though optional, is just for bragging rights, and we hope that you can help us be proud of our little tool.


Installation of Twobile is very simple. Prior to installation, download and install Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework Version 2 for your device if you do not have this installed already. If you already have this installed, you can skip this step and continue. If you are unsure, it is recommended to try to install it anyway, but if your device already says you have it installed, it is recommended NOT to reinstall it unless you are having problems.

Next, download the CAB file for Twobile to your device. On your device, use the File Explorer program (Start > Programs > File Explorer) and navigate to the location where you placed the CAB file for Twobile. Open the CAB file and the installation will begin. If you have a memory card installed on your device, you can choose to install the program either to the storage card or into main memory. It is recommended to install it to your main memory for program stability, but if you do not have enough space on your device, you can choose to install it to your storage card.

Once the installation has been completed, you can click OK to exit the installer and start Twobile by clicking on "Twobile" in your Start menu.

First Run

When you first run Twobile, you will be prompted to go to the Settings menu to set your Twitter username and password. Click OK and the main screen will be presented to you. Click on Menu and select Settings. In the General tab, select the various options you would like enabled. Below is a brief overview of the various options that are available:

* Run at startup - Allows you to run Twobile when your device starts. Please be aware that this may increase the startup time of your device. This is an experimental feature and should be used at your own risk.
* Show Tray Icon - Allows an icon to be displayed at the bottom of the Today screen for quick access. This allows you to run Twobile and minimize the window, but be able to open it back up quickly from the Today screen without having to re-run the program.
* Download profile images - When running Twobile, data usage charges may be incurred as the program utilizes your available Internet connection to download Twitter statuses and user information. Of this data that is downloaded, profile images of users may also be downloaded. To minimize the amount of data usage, it is recommended to leave this option UNCHECKED and profile images will not be downloaded.
* Enable images in public timeline - Because images are cached on your device to minimize data usage, you may not want to have profile images from users in the Twitter Public Timeline cached on your device taking up valuable space. If you wish to have these profile images downloaded when you view statuses in the Public Timeline, check mark this option, otherwise uncheck it.
* Clear Cache - Depending on how much you use Twobile, you may find your device running low on storage space where you've installed Twobile. If you have a lot of Twobile avatars cached, click this button to clear the cache and reclaim some of the space they have taken up.

The Account tab houses your Twitter account information. In order for Twobile to access the features of Twitter and for you to be able to add new Tweets to your account, you must provide your Twitter username and password.

Once you've completed filling out all the options (and entering your Twitter account information), you can click OK where you will be returned to the "My Info" tab. Press Login to begin the login process and retrieve your current status information from Twitter.

Since this would be your first time installing and running Twobile, you will be asked to add Twobile as a friend on Twitter. This is completely optional, but highly recommended. Although adding Twobile as a friend on Twitter allows us to identify who is using Twobile (how many users, where primarily are they using it in the world, etc.), but ultimately the idea behind adding us as a friend is so that you can be notified when updates to the Twobile client are available or if there are any important things you should know about. Typically, update messages will be presented as a status message that you can find in your friend's timeline (under the "Friends" tab), or you we may send very short important messages about the application via direct message, which you can read in Twobile as well. Remember, we will not spam you, as we hate spam as well, and you have the option to either add or remove Twobile at any time.

Twobile's Interface

Twobile is a very robust application for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, and although it was designed for simplicity, navigating around may sometimes be a little daunting at first. One thing to remember is that the program was initially designed to be used for touch-screen devices, so input by pressing the buttons on the screen may be required. As time goes on, future versions of Twobile may completely be navigated using the buttons on your device, but at this moment some input using your thumb or stylus will be required.

The "My Info" Tab

The "My Info" tab is the initial screen you will be presented with when you start Twobile. This screen will provide you with information about what status you are currently presenting on Twitter, and also provides you a small text box that you can use to enter a new status (in Twitter terms, this is called a tweet). In the text entry box, you are limited to only 140 characters (a limit imposed by Twitter because these tweets are sometimes sent to users on standard cellular phones, which have SMS limits of up to 160 characters, though 20 characters may be taken up by the name of the Twitter user) and your current standing as to how many characters you have entered is displayed on the top-right of the text box. When you have your text entry cursor in the box, you can utilize predefined common text entries. These entries are merely shortcuts to writing common words or phrases that you might use, and are accessible by clicking on Menu > My Text and selecting the item you wish to insert. You can also click on Add/Edit to modify the list to have whatever you wish in the list. When in the Add/Edit Text dialog, you can enter a new item at the top and press "Add", or you can select an item in the list, and click "Move Up" or "Menu > Move Down" to reorganize the list. You can also use "Menu > Delete" to remove entries which you do not need. Click OK or "Menu > Save" to save the list. As a word of caution: although you can have an arbitrarily long list of items, it is recommended to keep this list as short as possible as you may have issues later on trying to sift though all of them to find the one you want.

When you have completed entering the tweet you wish to apply as your current status, press the "Update" button just below the text box or click on the "Update" menu button on the bottom left and your tweet will be sent to Twitter.

The "Friends" Tab

The "Friends" tab is your hub to reading what your friends on Twitter have posted. Using a dropdown box at the top of the screen, you can see all the tweets that all of your friends have recently posted, or you can see all the tweets by a specific user you have on your friends list. By tapping on one of the items (or highlighting it and pressing your "Action" button, usually the center button on your 5-way navigation pad on your device) you can bring up the "Message View" dialog so you can view the user's tweet and when he or she posted it. You can also reply to your friend's tweet in a tweet of your own by pressing and holding the tweet you want to "@reply" to and select "Reply", and Twobile will automatically set up a new tweet for you in the "My Info" tab, where you can start typing your reply tweet right away! If you want to remove a friend for any reason, pressing and holding over a tweet by the friend you wish to remove and press "Remove Friend."

The "Messages" Tab

The "Messages" tab is your center for reading and writing direct messages to other Twitter users. When you switch to the "Messages" tab, you have a new set of 3 tabs to choose from: "Read", "Send", and "Sent". Each of the sub-tabs allow you to do different things. The "Read" sub-tab allows you to read the direct messages other Twitter users have sent you, and you can read each one by tapping on the item you want to read. If you tap-and-hold on a particular tweet, you will be given a shortcut menu to reply to the message or delete the message from your inbox. When you reply, you will be automatically moved to the "Send" sub-tab with the user you want to reply to automatically pre-filled so you can begin typing your message. The "Send" sub-tab allows you to send a new direct message to the user chosen from the dropdown box at the top of the screen. Just select the user (which is from your list of friends, or you can type in another Twitter user if they aren't on your friends list already) you wish to direct message, type in your message, and press the "Send" button on the screen. The "Sent" sub-tab allows you to see the direct messages you have written to other Twitter users.

The "Replies" Tab

The "Replies" tab allows you to see all the replies that you have received recently for your various tweets. You can view each reply from each Twitter user by tapping on the message you want to view.

The "Public Timeline" Tab

Twitter has its own timeline, which is a collection of all the most recent tweets by almost every Twitter user around the world. Its a great way to see what people are talking about and also a great place to meet new friends. To read a tweet by a particular user, just tap the tweet and the message will be displayed. By using the "tap-and-hold" technique, you can also add the Twitter user to your list of friends or you can even create an "@reply" by selecting "Reply" in the displayed shortcut menu.

The "Followers" Tab

Sometimes people will "follow" (or subscribe) your Twitter feed (your collection of tweets), though they may or may not be on your friends list. From this screen, you can see what they are saying, and with the "tap-and-hold" shortcut menu, you can add them as friends or create an "@reply" by selecting "Reply" in a very similar manner to how it was performed in the "Public Timeline" tab.

The "Statuses" Tab

The statuses tab allows you to view and manage your past tweets. The list will show your most recent tweets, which you can view by tapping on them, or you can delete them by tapping-and-holding on the tweet you want to delete and selecting "Delete" from the drop-down menu.

The "Favorites" Tab

The favorites tab allows you to manage your favorite tweets from other people (including yourself). You can view them, delete them, or even @reply to the Twitter user that created them.

The "Featured" Tab

The featured tab allows you to see which users are being featured by Twitter and you can read their current tweets, as well as add them as friends, @reply to their posts, or even mark their current tweets as favorites that you can review later!

The Menubar

Depending on what screen you are on and what you are doing in that screen, the menubar at the bottom of the screen may change to accomodate quick access to common functions. For example, in the "Read" sub-tab of the "Messages" tab, the menu options "Reply" and "Delete" will be available for quick access. When you have your cursor active in the textbox in the "My Info" tab, the submenu "My Text" becomes active so you can quickly add common text to your tweet. When the right menubar button is labeled "Refresh," clicking it will clear the current list (except in the "My Info" tab) and replace it with new information downloaded from Twitter. In the "My Info" tab, clicking "Refresh" will download the your current Twitter status, just in case you've updated it via another medium since launching Twobile. Special Note: The "minimize" menubar item allows you to hide Twobile. It is recommended that if you use this, you have "Show Tray Icon" selected in the Settings menu, otherwise accessing Twobile again may be very difficult as it will not show up in many task managers, including Windows Mobile's Memory applet.

The Message View

The Message view is your hub to viewing all the direct messages and tweets that are available. The view allows you to view who posted what, when, and, if the option is enabled, allows you to also see their avatar. Moreover, simple menubar shortcuts allow you to access quick functionality like copying text from the tweets or even opening up posted URLs in your default browser!

Important note for existing 1.0.x users upgrading to Twobile 1.5.x or 1.6.x: Please uninstall Twobile 1.0 Beta completely before. To do so, go to Start > Settings > Remove Programs and remove Twobile 1.0. Also, using the File Explorer or other file management software, navigate to the Program Files folder on your device and delete the Twoblie folder to ensure that all settings and cached files are removed. After this has been done, use the download link to download and open the install file (or if you've already downloaded it, open the CAB file).

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