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Summary: TimeCalc is software which does the addition subtraction and calculation of time. (There is no multiplication division) Please, in time calculation of every day such as calculation of working hours and calculation of the LAP time - Feature (1) It can do the additi...

Found under: calculator, time, lap, timekeep

Windows Mobile Pocket PC with StrongARM Perhaps with CPU which praises the interchangeability, it operates.

Arrived: Oct 25, 2006

Downloaded 882 times

TimeCalc free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 5.0/5
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TimeCalc Description

Made by: HOLLY Software

TimeCalc is software which does the addition subtraction and calculation of time. (There is no multiplication division)
Please, in time calculation of every day such as calculation of working hours and calculation of the LAP time

- Feature
It can do the addition subtraction with 60 Shin
Also input of milli-second is possible
Because a certain calculation past record remains, with the manual copy paste in something available
"1 minute 23 seconds," converting also the input of "83 seconds" and so on in it calculates
Input maximum "999H 99' 99 is to" 999 ".

- Installation procedure
Thaws the ZIP file (the EXE file comes out)
With Active transferring the EXE file Sync and the like to Pocket PC, use

- Un installation procedure
Deleting the file which it installs by hand
Deletion (it does not delete the registry below by hand and is not concerned either the て)

- Version rise procedure
Please superscribe the new file, in the file of the time before

- How to use
Calculator tub

* Calculator tub
It is the main picture which calculates. It has reached input value and 2 line indications of GrandTotal.
From the beam "of the time" "amount" "second" "milli-second" it keeps inputting input of time, to order. Presently, whether it is in the midst of inputting, you show which beam with underline of the blue.
 Case 4 hour 24 minute 32  seconds 268 are input, the key the tap it does in order below.

 4->Time->2 4->Amount->3 2->Second->2 6 8

In addition, explanation concerning the principal button
It is the Back Space. backspace button. To the middle you use when the beam which is input is corrected.
It is the Clear. clear button. Input value is designated as 0.
It is the All Clear. all clear button. Input value and Grand Total are designated as 0.

* Result tub
Calculation past record is indicated to a certain.
By the fact that the tap it does inside the editing box, the text can be sent to the clipboard freely.
Clear When the button is pushed, calculation past record is cleared.

- Option setting
[ File ] - [ Option ]

10 key arrangement
Arrangement of ten-key upper tier: 1,2,3, sublevel: 4,5,6, lower position: It makes 7,8,9.
Arrangement of ten-key upper tier: 7,8,9, sublevel: 4,5,6, lower position: It makes 1,2,3.

Abbreviation of input
When it checks, the time the beam is locked at zero.
Input becomes from the amount beam.
When it checks, the amount beam is locked at zero.
The time the next of beam input becomes second beam input.
When it checks, the second beam is locked at zero.
The next of amount beam input becomes milli-second beam input.
When it checks, the milli-second beam is locked at zero.
It becomes decision of numerical value with second beam input.
* When everything is checked, the time only beam input becomes possible

- Past record

Ver 0.34    2004/03/17
When 10key arrangement is modified with option setting after the starting, when being reflected, correcting the trouble which is

Ver 0.33    2004/03/08
Option adding the item of 10key arrangement to setting

Ver 0.32    2004/02/12
Application when starting adding reset processing

Ver 0.31    2004/02/10
Option it provided dialogue and tried to be able to abbreviate the input of each beam
When new starting calculation, 0 be sure to try to clear GrandTotal indication

Ver 0.30    2004/02/04
Library 1.23 loading
Entire the second look at UI

Ver 0.23Beta    2002/03/29
Dialogue adjusting the message handling when ending

Ver 0.22    2002/03/27
Correcting the trouble which does not respond to WM_CLOSE from the system

Ver 0.21    2002/03/14
The text "of the time amount second milli-second" key as was designated "=" in the beam which becomes input and decision,
Context option modification from the menu was made possible
Double bug correction of starting and check

Ver 0.20    2002/03/12
Menu compilation
Option setting dialogue compilation
Past record indicatory editing the scroll bar of the box was made non indicatory

Ver 0.10    2002/03/08
Temporarily just function compilation (transplantation from Windows edition)

Download TimeCalc free for Your Windows Mobile Phone
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