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Slide 2 UnLock v1.216

Summary: Slide 2 UnLock is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. Note: Version 1.216 contains only hot fix for iLock, you still have to download and install v1.21 fi...

Found under: Utilities, Enhancement

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM6
  • Slide 2 Unlock v1.21 (1.0 MB)

Arrived: Sep 6, 2007

Downloaded 38,632 times

Slide 2 UnLock v1.216 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 3.8/5
(19 votes cast)

Slide 2 UnLock v1.216 Description

Made by: A_C

Slide 2 UnLock is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device.

Version 1.216 contains only hot fix for iLock, you still have to download and install v1.21 first. Start from v1.1, INSTALLATION is necessary! If you have used any other methods to make SLIDE.EXE runs on wake up event, please UNDO it before using this version. Here is the updated files only (421 KB) (for experience users if they don't want the old settings changed by the installer). Please remember to RESTART iLock after any registry settings (under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\Slide2Unlock) changed, otherwise it won't work.

Please read the readme for the details & FAQ.

Update Description:
- Fixed the blank screen when responding a call on some devices.
- Fixed the abnormal call waiting screen.

- Fixed the problem that all incoming calls were identified as "unknown" on some devices (e.g. Treo).
- Fixed the problem to treat data connection as voice call.
- Fixed the power drain problem (but not 100% sure yet, pls report your findings as my device never has this issue).

- Moved the phone part from SNAPI to TAPI for higher reliability.
- Fixed the "Unknown/Private Caller" issue.
- Added option DialedID (DWORD): it will appear when dialing a call. But there are limitations:
    >> It only has a "End Call" key, i.e. no key for mute, speaker, contact... etc... but it has a big pic depending on your CallerID setting.
    >> It only works when CloseApp is 0, CallerID is 1, DialedID is 1 & SLIDE is already running in the background. WHY? Simply because don't want to slow down the normal dialing process.
- Improved the responsiveness of keys on the Caller ID screen.
- Added option to stop showing the total no. of "Active Task" - set ShowTask (DWORD) to 0.
- Fixed the bug of displaying wrong "missed call" when CallerID is disabled.
- Fixed the sliding date issue when a call comes in & out very quickly.
- SLIDE now awares of the running of HTC's Audio Manager.
- Some bugs fixed. v1.20:
- Reworked part of Caller ID function.
- When Caller ID is enable & works, the Caller ID of the latest missed call will be alerted.
- Added option Slide2Answer: when a call comes in & your device is locked by SLIDE, you'll have to "slide to answer"; or press power button to decline the call. Please test this function carefully, otherwise you'll not be able to answer any call! If your device have power off problem with the previous versions, please do not enable this option. This option will only work when CallerID is enable & SafeMode is disable.
- Added support to show the total no. of "Active Task".
- Added support to show Weather info from HTC Home plugin: set ShowWeather to 5 (since I have to remap the icon index of HTC to WP/PW, if you find any mismatch icon, pls let me know).
- iLock now accept several command switches:
    >> Slide to start/invoke SLIDE.
    >> Nomsg to not to show any message even it closes itself & SLIDE.
    >> Refresh to close SLIDE & reload the registry settings (except for SafeMode changes, the device need soft-reset before it's effective).
- Some bugs fixed.

- Fixed some issues of Caller ID.
- Added support to animated Wallpaper (but not GIF).
- Added user input Weather info.
- The weather forecast of WP & PW will not show the icons for night
- Increased the length of the paths of Wallpaper to 128
- Fixed the keyboard icon problem with Wisbar
- Some bugs fixed. v1.184 Patch:
- Fixed the unstability of iLock since last version. v1.183 Patch:
- Fixed the problem that Caller ID of a Call Waiting will not be shown when "CloseApp" is 1.
- Fixed the problem that soft buttons cannot be pressed on Landscape mode.
- Added 2 options "NoSuspendMode" & "SafeMode" that are Power Management related, please read the readme for details.
- Some bugs fixed (SPB Weather sometimes show N/A).

v1.182 Patch:
- Fixed the problem that sometimes the Caller ID pic will not be displayed.
- Simplified the Caller ID enabling procedures.
- Fixed sometimes Autostart does not work.
- Smoother Caller ID operations, especially when "CloseApp" is 1.
- Fixed the problem if there are other programs run when the device is woke up.
- Some bugs fixed (SPB Weather show N/A; sound icon always show mute). v1.18:
- From this version on, only support WM 5.0 or WM6.
- Supports UNICODE, now all texts (operator name, date & appointment) can be shown as your device's Language.
- Added Caller ID; please read below Caller ID section for details.
- Added Call Waitng Caller ID.
- Appointment details can be displayed in multilple lines.
- Supports the device's native screen size, make sure you have a wallpaper with proper size & enough free RAM (it may take around 6.5M).
- SLIDE loads a bit faster.
- Fixed the memory leak when WP or PW is enabled.
- Some graphics changed.
- Some bugs fixed. v1.174 Patch:
- Correct the weather icon index of WeatherPanel & PocketWeather. v1.172 Patch:
- Add weather info (current day) support to WeatherPanel (the topmost city in the list) & PocketWeather (the selected city).
- Some changes in retrieving data from SPBWeather.
- Do not show "-1" unread count.
- Fix the bug of "OffLCD" & "ACOffLCD" on WM2003 devices. v1.17:
- Fixed the bug of "ShowSpbWeather" when the weather source is not the default one.
- Some bugs fixed.
- The followings only work on WM5/6 devices:
    >> Added option "BlankOnTalk" - turn off the LCD when the phone call is talking. If you want to turn on the LCD, simply press the power button.
    >> If SLIDE is already activated before a phone call is incoming, SLIDE will be hidden when it's ringing; and SLIDE will be reactivated after the call.
    >> No more polling jobs, all system state changes are handled by iLock now (using the SNAPI). The result will be more accurate & uses lesser power (uses lesser power also apply to WM2003 version).
    >> added missed voice mail and missed MMS counts.

- "ShowSpbWeather" follows user's Spb Weather settings: which city is selected; C/F option.
- Fixed the bug of potential hang up of Trinity.
- Fine tuning on WM6 devices.
- If "Password/Pin Lock" or "Owner Information" are enabled to display at woke up, SLIDE may quit by itself.
- Added an icon to iLock.exe.
- Some bugs fixed. v1.16:
- Added 2 little animatons, one you may love & one may not.
- If you have Spb Weather installed, set option "ShowSpbWeather" to 1 to show the current day's weather info.
- Added option "AppointmentTimeFormat".
- "ShowAppointment" now shows current or tomorrow appointment info.
- If your device's locale setting is Chinese, the date will now show in Chinese (but the Appointment details still CANNOT show Chinese characters) and the format is fixed.
- It now works peacefully with the OS built-in "Password/Pin Lock".
- SLIDE behaves more inert to the "Phone" app.
- Some bugs fixing.

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