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Summary: It generates mazes and allows you to steer a little blue dot using the movement sensors in the HTC Diamond.

Found under: games, sensor, maze, puzzle, accelerometer

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Aug 8, 2008

Downloaded 75,556 times

SensorMaze free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 3.3/5
(27 votes cast)

SensorMaze Description

Made by: cgeboers

I wrote this little program, called SensorMaze. It generates mazes and allows you to steer a little blue dot using the movement sensors in the HTC Diamond. It is based on the original SensorTest program and since it has been a while since I programmed for any PDA, it is a bit simple.


Try to send the blue dot to the red dot by tilting your Diamond in the required directions.


- New Maze: create a new maze in the same level
- Next Level: increase the complexity.

As mentioned, it is my first attempt, so there is still some work that needs to be done.


- Implement timer, so you can compete against yourself
- remove the "Position" text and replace with timer output
- MessageBox instead of Dialog ?
- Replace the blue dot with a "ball" like structure
- Release the source code (after cleaning it a bit more)

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Comments on SensorMaze
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jose @ June 21st 2012 2:06 am
device: HTC HD2

this shit is wack

crommy @ April 9th 2012 5:05 pm
device: Windows Mobile 6

unable to creat sensor event/acer s200

komando66 @ February 10th 2012 6:41 pm
device: HTC Touch Diamond

n1 working on htc touch diamond!!!

nikki @ November 8th 2011 5:26 am
device: Windows Mobile 6

stupid game

OLFY @ October 10th 2011 1:43 pm
device: Windows Mobile 6

on HD2 a dll is missing

Luison @ October 7th 2011 1:49 am
device: Windows Mobile 6

No funciona en el Omnia 2

karelyn betancourt @ June 19th 2011 10:57 pm
device: Windows Mobile 6

how much is it?

michael holt @ May 4th 2011 10:28 pm
device: Gigabyte GSmart S1200

very addictive

Harry Simons @ February 15th 2011 3:34 am
device: Windows Mobile 6

don't work on my samsung omnia

rizzu095 @ December 17th 2010 6:50 am
device: HTC HD2

exit button doesn't work (htc hd2)

Kruz @ September 27th 2010 12:52 am
device: HTC HD2

HTC HD2 (Leo) It pops up an error but the game itself works. The exit button does not function. There also seems to be a redraw bug on the level number.

Joshua @ August 2nd 2010 11:22 pm
device: Gigabyte GSmart S1200

this good yeah a good piece of sh*t

Bertok Hartok @ July 31st 2010 2:58 pm
device: Windows Mobile 6

how can I run this program on my Omnia i8000

vale @ July 25th 2010 4:46 pm

just intalled


nitsan simantov @ June 19th 2010 9:12 pm
device: HTC HD2

don't work on hd2

Zulkifli Bin Mat @ June 15th 2010 9:05 am
device: Windows Mobile 6.1

I'm trying to catched HTC API DLL, but now still don't have,can U show me the correct ways??????????????????

nichole @ June 9th 2010 11:00 pm
device: HTC HD2

nothing special..

joseph milligan @ June 9th 2010 5:49 pm
device: Windows Mobile 6

does not work on omnia 2. its missing a dll

joshua @ June 8th 2010 6:41 pm
device: HTC HD2

this game is really not that good at all

daniel @ April 20th 2010 2:07 pm
device: Windows Mobile 6

works on Omnia i900 with HTC sensor emu.keep up the good work

displaying: 1 - 20 of 42 older > oldest >>

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