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Pocket Ancestry v1.8.1

Summary: Pocket Ancestry is a program for Pocket PC 2002 that gives you a possibility to view genealogy information from the file in GEDCOM format. Not all the attributes of GEDCOM standard are taken into account. For the details please see program help. Genealogical data could be di...

Found under: Database, Utilities

  • Pocket PC 2002

Arrived: Apr 10, 2006

Downloaded 83 times

Pocket Ancestry v1.8.1 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 5.0/5
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Pocket Ancestry v1.8.1 Description

Made by: Developer e-mail

Pocket Ancestry is a program for Pocket PC 2002 that gives you a possibility to view genealogy information from the file in GEDCOM format. Not all the attributes of GEDCOM standard are taken into account. For the details please see program help. Genealogical data could be displayed in various layouts:
- List of all the persons in data file.
- List of "patriarchs" (persons having great-grandchildren, i.e. persons, which have descendant tree with selected number of levels in depth - three levels by default).
- Information about one person selected from the list.
- Tree of all the ancestors or all the descendants of selected person.
- Family of selected person.
- Parents' family of selected person. User has a possibility to tune some aspects of program behavior. Important:
"Pocket Ancestry" is a continuation of "Pocket Genealogy" (program was renamed). If you previously installed Pocket Genealogy then please uninstall it before installing Pocket Ancestry. Update Description:
- Additional tag RELI is processed.
- Empty rows in GEDCOM file are ignored.
- Date tags AFT, BET, AND, FROM, TO, BEF, EST are translated from English in accordance with interface language.
- German interface language is added to the program.
- If the line in GEDCOM file doesn't start with level number (that should be by GEDCOM standard) it is considered as CONC string for the previous line in the file.
- Minor bugs are fixed. v1.8:
- EVEN tag is processed now. Only subtags TYPE, DATE, AGE, CAUS, PLAC, NOTE are processed and displayed (if given). Multiple NOTE tags for an event are processed.
- Multiple EVEN tags for one person are allowed.
- GEDCOM tags BIRT, DEAT, and OCCU of person records are processed now as events (see also note number 1).
- Multiple OCCU and NOTE tags for one person are allowed.
- MARR and DIV tags of family records are processed as events (see also note number 1).
- Information about marriage and divorce is displayed under Family Notes menu of Family Information screen.
- Additional tags BURI, CHR and WILL are processed now (as events; see also note number 1).
- Children list for the family is initially ordered by birth date (elder first). It is possible to change order of the persons in the list by tapping columns. Repeated tapping changes the order from ascending to descending and vice versa.
- New option is available - dates could be displayed in either "mm/dd/yyyy" format or "" (default) format.
- New option is available - the first letter for person's sex could be displayed after the name in person information window ("no" by default; it was "yes" always in v.1.72).
- Bug in family information representation is fixed for the case when person has more than one spouse.
- Children list in family information representation corresponds now to the person used for generation of the family information, i.e. children from all the families of the person will be displayed.
- Style of representation of information for the person and family notes is improved.
- Multiple "," signs in data for PLAC tag are converted into one "," sign.
- Nickname is shown now after the whole name (it was situated immediately after last name in previous version).
- Memory management is improved. Note:
NOTE tag could have two forms:
- This format is processed by the program.
- This format is not processed by the program. v1.72:
- French language for program texts is added.
- Bug fixed: "Show middle name" check box was not set from the registry value.
- Bug fixed: program couldn't run if source file stored at previous session was missing at new session. v1.71:
- Additional GEDCOM tags are processed - GIVN and SURN (given name and surname).
- Represenation of multiple first names is improved.

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