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MortPlayer v3.3

Summary: It's an MP3/Ogg player which is optimized for the needs on a Pocket PC. That's (among others) big screen buttons, simple playlist update from the contents of certain directories, and support of hardware buttons. Included features: Al...

Found under: Multimedia, Audio

  • Pocket PC 2002/WM 2003
  • ARM/XScale Processors

Arrived: Dec 26, 2005

Downloaded 13,283 times

MortPlayer v3.3 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.1/5
(17 votes cast)

MortPlayer v3.3 Description

Made by: Developer e-mail

It's an MP3/Ogg player which is optimized for the needs on a Pocket PC. That's (among others) big screen buttons, simple playlist update from the contents of certain directories, and support of hardware buttons. Included features:
  • All basic functions (Play, pause, skip track, spooling, ...)
  • Supports:
    • MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV (thanks to MAD, libovd, and Green Software...)
    • GSPlayer plug-ins (e.g. for MIDI files)
    • Playback of files on the net
    • Shoutcast and IceCast streams
    • PodCasts and online playlistst
    • WinAmp and MediaPlayer playlists (M3U, PLS, ASX, WMP, read only)
    • Native playlists (MPL, read and write)
  • Equalizer (only MP3), sound effects
  • Bookmarks (memorize positions in songs or audio books)
  • Auto continue from position and/or start playback after restart
  • Big screen buttons, easy to tap with your finger (at least in most Skins)
  • Assignable hardware buttons (all buttons, almost every function)
  • Screen saver (switch off display after some time or on button press) with optional button lock
  • Fall asleep timer
  • Alarm clock
    • different wake times for each day of the week and a one time alert
    • the player doesn't need to be running
    • play a special file and/or continue current playlist
  • Optional volume change on start, exit, and alarm clock
  • Automatically pauses when doing a call (Phone Edition)
  • Display of ID3 (V1.0-V2.3) and Ogg tag informations (track name, artist, album, year, track no., cover), as well as external cover images per track or path
  • Add your favorite folders and playlist to Favorites. This enables you to choose them easily from a list in Open dialog or skip between them with the press of a button. You can even automatically include all subfolders. I.e., skip easily between all folders of \Storage\My music or wherever you put your audio files.
  • Changer Mode: Automatically skip to the the next path or directory of your favorites when one is finished. Or shuffle between all directories.
  • Simple file selection when adding new files
  • Skins and Screens
    • Full Skin support, you can decide for all elements if, where and how you want to show them! (sorry, own format only...)
    • Multiple Screens (Easily switchable displays contained in one Skin)
    • Extended screen switching support: Switch easily between a selection of Screens from multiple Skins
    • Fullscreen support for Skins (no title and/or menu bar, e.g. for a car screen)
    • "Always on top" option for small windows, thus allowing a small track display or similar on top of your navigation program
    • You can turn off images to save memory and CPU
    • User defined Playlist Font (or Skin default)
  • File associations (start with double click on e.g. an MP3 file)
  • User defined startup action (Changer Mode, recent playlist, update playlist, continue last track, ...), repeat and shuffle mode
  • Write informations about the currently played track in a file or append it to a logfile
  • And many more settings
For more info, read the manual or look at the screenshots.
There are some Skins and a manual how to create your own on this page.
A plug in for your Today screen is to be found here. Update Description:
- Improved alarm clock (up to 8 different times: one for each day of the week and an "one time" alert, optional fixed alarm sound, works without player running).
- Support of GSPlayer plug-ins (note you might have to configure them in "Playback" settings, the MIDI plug-in requires the instruments from here).
- Selectable paths for skins, favorites, plug-ins, ... ("Paths" settings).
- Write of track informations into file (e.g. logfile or mail signature, see "Logfile" settings).
- Tried to speed up several situations.
- Easier skin selection.
- Proxy for streaming.
- Screensaver can be disabled with every button.
- Files can be deleted from player ("Playlist"->"Delete file" in menu, or add a "DeleteFile" button to your skin).
- Several bugfixes and "other" images support (for covers) for ID3 Tags.
- Should work fine with WM5 VGA devices now.
- New actions for buttons: Choose Skin, switch Skin (requires prepared Skins, see LoadSkin in "For Skins" below), Exit, into background (minimize).
- Scrolling by "page" for multiline labels.
- System's close command (e.g. when memory runs low) can be ignored.
- Directory selection dialog shows Explorer's MRU list of net connections. For Skins:
- LabelBorder supported.
- New buttons: ChooseSkin (opens skin selection dialog), LoadSkin (switches to skin/screen told in "LoadSkinName" and "LoadSkinScreen"), DeleteFile (deletes currently selected file - really, not only from playlist!).
- With "NextScreen=index" and "PrevScreen=index" you can set the screen to switch to. Only used if enhanced screen switching is not used and no selection box is opened (see "Handling" options). v3.2:
New features:
- Preamp and volume sliders can be swapped (i.e. preamp can be modified with the volume slider - or vice versa, if the skin contains a preamp slider).
- Preamp and rotation (only WM2003 SE) by hardware buttons.
- Album covers from ID3 tags, trackname.jpg/.png or path.jpg/.png (see also manual).
- Track titles contained in M3U/PLS playlists will be shown in the playlist.
- Better stream handling, allows switching the stations with prev./next track buttons and playlists with tracks on http servers (e.g.
- After selecting a bookmark, the folder/playlist that was opened when it was set is opened, even if it's not in the favorites. This way, audio books can be continued even better.
- Scrolling of track infos is optional.
- Screensaver isn't activated after timeout if there's an external power supply.
- Doze timer can be set to any value between 0 and 120 minutes.
- Alarm clock button is labelled with alarm clock and power off countdown (if it's in the skin...).
- Added possibility of a "snooze" button (switches off device and alerts after a selectable timespan).
- A special screen can be activated if the alarm clock is "ringing" (depends on the Skin, thus currently only in the new Night Skin).
- Volume can be changed if the alarm clock is activated. Bugfixes:
- Random generator is "more random"
- Adding single files to playlist didn't work in any case.
- With "Shuffle all" sometimes "Play" didn't start the selected track.
- Fixed some problems with shuffle order if track was started from playlist.
- Reading directory contents/-structures is faster.
- ID3 tags: Corrections at tags with unicode and better error tolerance for invalid tags.
- Small error at setting bookmarks removed.
- Stream name will still be shown after stop and switching screen.
- Filename dialog (for new favorite lists or saving playlists) didn't work in German version.
- Slightly better handling at power on (shouldn't be noticeable on most devices).
- Entries to open a folder with subfolders weren't displayed correctly.
- Uses less system resources.
- Some other minor bugfixes... Optics/handling:
- Better interface for the alarm clock.
- Bigger buttons when setting bookmarks.
- New Night Skin (new colors, display of battery level, phone signal strength, clock, and cover image in Car Screen). Skin features:
- New slider "PhoneSignal" for signal strength of PE devices. "Common" devices (without PE) will not show this element.
- New slider "Preamp".
- New section "Alarm" (_LS/_VGA/_LS_VGA), will (if it exists) be shown if the alarm clock is "ringing".
- New button "Snooze".

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