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Summary: GeoTerrestrial GPSToday now brings an unbeatable combination of location features to your mobile device.

Found under: GPS, Maps, Plugins, today screen, navigation, geotagging, geologging, twitter, gpx

Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Arrived: May 10, 2009

Downloaded 132,410 times

GPSToday free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.1/5
(161 votes cast)

GPSToday Description

Developer: GeoTerrestrial Inc.
Support Email:
Web Site:

UPDATED v0.9.9.7 Beta is available for download now !

New May 10 '09:
  • Update your twitter status manually from within the GPSToday app. Just send a message to username 'twitter' via the Inbox in GPSToday.
  • Upload your GeoLogger log files from within the app and view on desktop and export to GPX format on your online GeoGroups page.
  • If you already have version, you do not need to update your installation of GPSToday to access the above 2 new features.

  • April 29, '09, New/updated features in version
  • Driving/Walking directions in many countries, with traffic-optimization option.
  • Log file plotting on map and animated "playback". Also, the geologger will now never clip corners, and will perfectly follow loopy highway ramps. You can now also upload your log-files to the desktop website.(full-featured log-editing on the desktop coming soon)
  • Location Tracking and sharing (GeoLocation). Track your location history online for your own private use, or share with friends/family. The power-saving ability of GPSToday means you can leave it on indefinitely without worrying about the battery.
  • Easily and privately (or publicly) share points-of-interest, pictures, messages with like-minded folks (GeoGroups). eg. Track or update swine-flu locations, right from your phone. The possibilities are endless.
  • 'Slideshow' through all your address-book contacts on the map, or through driving directions, or local search results, or all friends' mobile locations
  • Satellite,Hybrid map views, and many more enhancements for ease of use.
  • Nearly worldwide support for many features that were previously US only.
  • viewed and exported to GPX format online at ://
  • Essentially the works, all in a still small package. More features are listed below the screenshots.

  • This software will not work on OS older than Windows Mobile 5.0 versions, or on any non-touchscreen smartphone. Data plan is recommended for online map features, but not necessary for offline features like geologging or geotagging. An Integrated GPS is advisable (but not mandatory) to fully enjoy the software.

    GPSToday Screenshots

    GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit. GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit.

    GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit. GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit.

    GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit. GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit.

    GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit. GeoTerrestrial GPSToday is a lightweight today screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit.

    Video Preview of GPSToday

  • It utilizes intelligent algorithms to always maintain and display a fix on your position right on your today screen, without draining the battery.
  • Always see your full street address, not just geo-coordinates.
  • GPSToday always shows the distance to the nearest contact from your device's address book.
  • Single tap to create a new contact with your current location as the address, or save the current location as an existing contact's address. Imagine not having to type the full street address on the PPC keyboard!
  • You will never need the stylus to use GPSToday!
  • Speed, heading and satellite data is shown clearly on the today screen whenever the GPS is running.
  • In-pocket tap protection. A single tap on the today screen only operates the GPS in quick fix mode. To fully start the GPS in continuous mode requires an iphone like sliding motion, guaranteeing no pocket accidents.
  • Single tap from the today screen to access fully draggable online maps!
  • Always see all your address book contacts on the map. Just tap a contact to quickly call/email or send sms.
  • Single tap from today screen to quickly do a yahoo local search around your current position and see the results on a live map. Just tap a result to call or open the website.
  • High quality Yelp Reviews for local search results!
  • Fetch the full street address for any point on the map.
  • GPSToday automatically disables data access when your device goes into roaming mode.
  • New! Install the GeoTagger add-on to have pictures automatically geo-tagged with current location!
  • You can also manually geotag single or sets of pictures by selecting the desired location on the map.
  • And many more features.
  • Best of all, its free!

  • Download GPSToday free for Your Windows Mobile Phone
    .mobi Mobile friendly download
    Download GPSToday direct on your windows mobile phone

    Comments on GPSToday
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    Andre @ February 19th 2011 6:33 am
    device: HTC HD2

    Awesome App. Highly recommended for HTC HD2 users

    Daren @ January 27th 2011 2:32 pm
    device: HTC HD2

    dopiro wgrałem

    azman2401 @ October 27th 2010 10:50 pm
    device: Gigabyte GSmart S1200

    This is great

    brian @ October 2nd 2010 2:25 am



    djamel @ October 1st 2010 6:48 pm

    so nice


    GPSToday @ July 14th 2010 1:16 pm
    device: AT&T Tilt

    Hey all, you can now download the GeoGroups iPhone app at or just search for geogroups in the appstore.


    Scalia @ July 8th 2010 2:00 pm

    I have a HTC TOUCH 2 and it worked perfectly! great software!

    Tommy @ June 26th 2010 4:26 am



    huhh @ June 26th 2010 12:50 am



    sandeep @ June 15th 2010 1:48 am



    Jay Paz @ June 7th 2010 11:31 pm

    Very good and user friendly interface


    dunken chen @ June 2nd 2010 9:19 am



    dunken chen @ June 2nd 2010 9:19 am



    mhashemi @ May 5th 2010 4:12 pm

    htc touch 2


    monu @ May 4th 2010 12:21 am


    mike @ April 30th 2010 10:04 pm
    device: HTC Imagio

    good to go

    safsafsoft @ April 17th 2010 3:28 am

    thank you bvery well


    safsafsoft @ April 16th 2010 1:59 pm

    thanks very well


    Dusty @ April 8th 2010 2:11 am
    device: HTC HD2

    worked great on first install on my HD2. But after a hard reset and reinstall, can no longer use it due to authentication errors that I cannot get to go through.

    Barontan2418 @ March 28th 2010 12:41 pm

    Very nice app. Quick question, when I download the cab file for geotagging it does not appear to open, says it requires an application. However the geolocation cab appeared to open OK. Have I got this mixed up and is the geolocation actually the tagging cab? My phone is the Toshiba TG01

    displaying: 1 - 20 of 235 older > oldest >>

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