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Summary: G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices

Found under: watch, stopwatch, gps, timer, clock, speed, altitude, distance

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Apr 28, 2009

Downloaded 28,923 times

G-Watch free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.3/5
(15 votes cast)

G-Watch Description

Made by: ageye

G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices

Updated to v0.6.4

G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices. It keeps track of your distance, speed and altitude. G-Watch is a tool which combines following features: stopwatch, countdown timer and geocaching.

You can use it as a simple timer in the kitchen or measure anything with as many stopwatches or countdown timers you want, using the most accurate timing technics available on Windows Mobile.

Here is a more detailed list of all features of G-Watch:

* Supported devices: all devices with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 (with touchscreen only!)
* Multilanguages.
* Create unlimited stopwatches which can measure time, keep track of your position, speed and distance using a GPS device (built-in, wired or bluetooth).
* Start unlimited countdown timers which remind you by playing a sound file or vibrate.
* Do some geocaching by specifying unlimited coordinates, G-Watch informs you about the distance to your target and displays a compass to help you hunting your treasures.
* Personalize G-Watch to your needs: you can use metric or imperial units, auto-split after a specified time, distance or after each lap based on your GPS position, and much more.
* G-Watch offers a smooth graphical interface which is easily accessible without a stylus and fast.
* Look at the screenshots to see all pages you'll find in G-Watch.

Download skins for G-Watch here. More screenshots here.

Update Description:

v0.6.4 (16-04-2009): - [FIXED] Some GPS related bugs.
- [FIXED] G-Watch disables Bluetooth if it was enabled by G-Watch.

v0.6.3 (15-04-2009):
- [FIXED] Geocaching: direction isn't displayed correctly.
- [FIXED] Stopwatch: no speed/distance measured under some circumstances.
- [ADDED] CSV export: distance.
- [ADDED] Countdown: last used time settings will be used for following countdown timers.
- [FIXED] Some other bugs.
- [UPDATED] Languages: Japanese, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Finnish.
- [ADDED] Language: Italian.

v0.6.2 (21-03-2009):
- [FIXED] Several bugs.
- [FIXED] Wrong calculated speed.
- [ADDED] Geocaching: delete coordinate.
- [ADDED] Geocaching: current position will be used for new coordinates.
- [ADDED] Option: save your geocaching coordinates for later use.
- [UPDATED] Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Finnish, French.
- [ADDED] Language: Hebrew.

v0.6.1 (20-03-2009):
- [FIXED] Less memory consumption on startup.
- [ADDED] Option: Play a sound file when countdown reaches 0.
- [UPDATED] Consistent format for longitude and latitude.
- [UPDATED] Geocaching: you can now enter coordinates using following formats: Decimal (12.34566 -54.3211); Degrees and minutes (N 12 20.740 W 054 19.266); Degrees, minutes and seconds (N 12 20' 44.3760" W 54 19' 15.9600").
- [UPDATED] Language: French.

v0.6 (20-03-2009):
- [ADDED] New GUI.
- [ADDED] Define unlimited stopwatches.
- [ADDED] Define unlimited countdown timers.
- [ADDED] Stopwatch: automatic split after each round.
- [ADDED] Option: animations.
- [ADDED] Geocaching.
- [UPDATED] Sound player engine.
- [UPDATED] G-Watch works when your device is in standby mode.
- [UPDATED] Icon -> restart required.
- [FIXED] Uncountable bugs.
- [ADDED] Languages: Bulgarian, Finnish, Romanian, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Taiwanese, Swedish, Turkish.

v0.5.1 (28-10-2008):
- [FIXED] Auto-split bug.

v0.5 (26-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Support for Bluetooth GPS devices.
- [ADDED] Big compass and speed/distance/time view by clicking anywhere on the main screen (except the buttons of course).
- [ADDED] Support for hardware buttons.
- [FIXED] Bug with exporting imperial units.
- [FIXED] Small bugfixes & more stability.

0.4.3 (2008/10/19)
* [FIXED] Countdown timer bug
* [FIXED] Some small skin issues

0.4.2 (2008/10/19)
* [ADDED] Support for skins! Send me your skins
* [FIXED] Some minor GPS status display issues

0.4.1 (2008/10/19)
* [FIXED] Positioning bug on western longitude and southern latitude

0.4 (2008/10/18)
* [ADDED] GPS support for Windows managed GPS devices
* [ADDED] Alternative NMEA GPS support
* [ADDED] Lots of skin improvements
* [ADDED] Option: Vibrate on click
* [FIXED] Bug when exporting .kml files

v0.3 (17-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Countdown timer.
- [ADDED] Option: keep backlight always on.
- [ADDED] Option: display lap time as the main time instead of the cumulative time.
- [ADDED] Export your sessions as csv, kml or gpx.
- [ADDED] Possibility to rename or delete a session.

v0.2.2 (17-10-2008):
- [UPDATED] Some GPS related bugs...

v0.2.1 (16-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Battery status is displayed.
- [ADDED] Sessions are saved now (you can't display or export them yet - stay tuned!).
- [ADDED] Automatic split after a specific time/distance.
- [ADDED] Reset / Resume of timers.
- [UPDATED] Complete new GUI (Many thanks to expo7).
- [UPDATED] Improved GPS support.
- [UPDATED] Better timing.
- [UPDATED] Icon (restart your device to see it).

v0.1.2 (14-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Bigger icons.
- [ADDED] Button to turn off the display for battery saving.
- [ADDED] Option: metric or angloamerican units.
- [UPDATED] Improved GPS support.

v0.1.1 (14-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Cumulative split time is displayed under the time of the current lap.
- [ADDED] You can resume the session you have stopped.
- [FIXED] Some small bugs.

v0.1 (14-10-2008):
- First release.

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Comments on G-Watch
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Joel @ December 26th 2010 11:08 pm
device: HTC HD2

Works fine on HD2-6.5

geramoni @ December 4th 2010 6:39 am
device: HTC HD2

don't work on HTC HD2 WM 6.5.

Kenneth Harris @ November 5th 2010 8:49 am
device: HTC HD2

I use this watch while training my clients. I love it.

mobilefernandez @ August 14th 2010 10:01 pm

thank you, been looking for this


Anders SW @ June 7th 2010 8:58 am

Perfect outfit


serwei @ May 22nd 2010 3:25 am

nullreference at acontrol.abutton.cache on startup.

Waldo Sanchez @ April 30th 2010 10:38 pm
device: HTC HD2

awesome. exactly what i was looking foron my hd2.

alexandro perez @ April 30th 2010 9:59 pm
device: HTC HD2

works great with Hd2.

tomparrish @ April 12th 2010 4:34 pm
device: HTC HD2

sorry im new to this world. lol this app is great, all I would add is on the gps when you are running have the mph in a much bigger text. otherwise every thing looks great. thank you very much for making it.

tomparrish @ April 12th 2010 4:26 pm
device: HTC HD2


Kevin @ March 18th 2010 10:55 pm

Just loaded it onto my HTC Tilt. Works great!

Joseph @ February 5th 2010 8:06 pm

I would like to see a countdown timer that chimes and restarts - eg. 1 minute timer repeating


collectingit @ November 20th 2009 10:15 am
device: HP iPAQ hw6915

good ...and works on my hpipaq 6965

ellinas @ October 2nd 2009 3:25 am

There is a update with Greek language.


Adan Villafuerte @ September 4th 2009 8:59 am


Richard @ August 31st 2009 2:06 am

Took my own advice and downloaded a Registry Editor program and 'cleaned' up my Samsung SGH i780 mobile phone .. Then re-installed G-Watch .. It didn't freeze up !! .. I then left the GPS on Windows-assisted default rather then choose the Com port .. Works very well ..

Richard @ August 21st 2009 10:49 am

G-Watch works fine on my i780 until I set the Com port on G-Watch for the GPS to '9' (same as hardware GPS port on phone), then the phone freezes .. Had to remove the battery, replace battery, restart phone. I even uninstalled G-Watch and re-installed a few times, but the settings seem to still be on the phone, because as soon as I run G-Watch, the phone freezes again and I must go through the whole routine of taking battery out etc. Do I need to remove Registry entries and if so, what do I look for ?? .. I would like to use G-Watch even without the GPS function. I don't want to do a hard reset on my phone - I have tweaked things nicely on the phone and don't wish to lose those functions ..

Paul @ July 30th 2009 4:52 am
device: HTC TyTN

Works perfect on my HTC TyTn would have been great if you could put the date to which you wanted the alarm to go of rather than having to calculate it yourself.Other than that a GREAT product, many thanks

Steve Collins @ July 8th 2009 5:36 am
device: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

One of the things that annoyed me most about my Sony Xperia X1 was the lack of a stopwatch and countdown time. Have just installed G-Watch and it appears to be working perfectly. Really easy to use and the ability to run several timers at once - great, infact so good I have just installed it onto my daughters Samsung Omnia where it also seems to work perfectly. Couple of very minor niggles if the developer read this - I find it best to start the timer, then call up the phone app from the start menu so that I don't accidentally cancel it, but when the alarm goes off I have to call it up from the start menu to cancel the alarm - could do with it popping up to the front when the alarm goes off AND would benefit from being able to add a label so that when the alarm does go off it reminds me why I set it in the first place! ie. If I set a countdown to phone some one in 2 hours a message saying 'phone Fred now' would be nice. All the whole a brillian little app and something that should have been built into windows 6.1 in the first place, thanks.

micheal johnson @ June 14th 2009 8:07 pm

all of the things i have downloaded including G-watch hasnt worked on my HTC s620..any ideas?

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