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Summary: Evolane maintains and distributes eTcl, a flexible, light-weight runtime environment, available for Linux, Windows and now Windows Mobile (PocketPC and Smartphone, edition 2003, 2003SE and 5.0). eTcl brings the power, productivity and flexibility of the Tcl programming language to desktop and mobile...

Found under: Utilities, Development

  • Windows Mobile 2003 / 2003 SE / 5.0
  • ARM/XScale Processors

Arrived: Jun 29, 2007

Downloaded 1,175 times

eTcl free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.5/5
(4 votes cast)

eTcl Description

Made by: Evolane

Evolane maintains and distributes eTcl, a flexible, light-weight runtime environment, available for Linux, Windows and now Windows Mobile (PocketPC and Smartphone, edition 2003, 2003SE and 5.0). eTcl brings the power, productivity and flexibility of the Tcl programming language to desktop and mobile platforms. Thanks to eTcl, developping cross-platform applications has never been so easy. eTcl provides the abstraction level to allow you to focus on your code, not on the underlying operating system specificities. Sockets, menus, high-level widgets, powerful theme engine, image handling are just bricks you can plug together to build complex and cross-platform applications in less lines of code. eTcl enable rapid application development and prototyping for mobile devices. eTcl is made available for free, so don't hesite to visit eTcl support page to learn more about it and try it. For Pocket PC 2000 / 2002 users, please download this software here (2.87 MB). Update Description:
- Fix transparency when loading GIF images with several frames and different transparent indices for each frame.
- Add Execute menu in console to run eTcl kit from GUI.
- New ::etcl::etcl subcommands to set or query (::etcl::etcl appid) application Id for current process, or to find (::etcl::etcl appfind) external process runnign with a given Id. API is exported on all architecture, but enabled only on Win32 and WinCE.
- Re-enable full support for Win98 platform. Fallback to ANSI functions when eTcl detects Win98/WinME system at runtime. Replace most test checking for tcl_platform(platform) equal "Windows NT" with tcl_platform(platform) equal "Windows NT" or "Windows 95".
- New Tkhtml3 checkout, fix SEGFAULT when applying scale factor to widget.
- New Sqlite3 checkout, post-3.4.0, with support for new @ prefix in Tcl API to force object to be saved as BLOB.
- Fix a bug introduced when enabling support for extended dash patterns, causing some solid lines to be rendered as dashed line (Win32/CE only).

- Missing initialization of ConnMgr pointer to NULL (WinCE version only) may raise segfault or error popup on exit.
- Improve console code. Showing/hiding toolbar doesn't change toplevel geometry. Scrollbars can be shown/hidden automatically when needed.
- Add support for extended dash patterns (as list of integers) and for dashoffset when drawing lines and rectangles on Win32/WinCE. Note this is normally not supported by Tk on Win32 platforms. Support for extended dash patterns when drawing arcs not yet active.

- Under WinCE, use backslash separator in native path (i.e. in value returned from [file nativename]).
- Fix file association on Win32/WinCE. Recent changes to support current users vs. all users on Vista (and Win2K+) broke support for deleting active association.
- Upgrade Tcl/Tk core to 8.4.15.
- Enable ConnMgr Tcl API (see netinfo, netup and netdown subcommands in wce package).
- Initial port of Tk with Virtual Framebuffer or SDL as backend.
- Add newclock backport (extended clock command from Tcl 8.5, with support for Y2038 compliance, better time zone support, localisation, or other 8.5 [clock] features) to full version. v1.0-rc18:
- Generate new toolchain for mingw and Linux (now includes support for mipsel-linux). Lot of dependencies updated (e.g. uClibc 0.9.3, XOrg R7.2.0, Mesa 6.5.3, ...).
- Update sqlite to 3.3.17, freetype to 2.3.4.
- Extend pixcopy command to allow either conversion from Tk photo to pixane or conversion from pixane to Tk photo.
- Fix association on Vista running a non-administrative account. Actually, support for file association on all Windows platform have been rewritten.
- Rework interpreter initialization (compatible with Tcl 8.5a6).
- Update tkhtml3 to cvs snapshot (2006-11-27).
- Fix console localisation.
- Add some eye-candies in console (e.g. sliding popups).
- Upgrade libpng to 1.2.16.
- Upgrade sqlite to use post 3.3.15 CVS snapshot which includes our patch for WinCE lock handling (see ticket 2294, check-in 3836).
- Allow tile native theme on Vista.
- Upgrade sqlite to 3.3.15 (bugs fixes).
- Set VersionMax of generated cabs to 7.0 (instead of 5.0), since executable works fine on WM6.
- Add omitted "package ifneeded Zvfs" command during initialisation of child interpreters (was only declared as a static package), so Zvfs package can be required.
- Add support for video codecs in Pixane.
- Fix Tk Photo wrapper around Pixane, so photos can be saved (in file or as memory data).

- Upgrade sqlite to 3.3.13 (bugs fixes).
- Upgrade tktreectrl to 2.2.3.
- Fix sqlite lock oops in multithreaded WinCE build.
- Clean up evodio. v1.0-rc16:
- Upgrade sqlite to 3.3.11 (bugs fixes).
- Upgrade tktreectrl to 2.2.2 (bugs fixes).
- Upgrade libpng to 1.2.15.
- Remove garbage trace on exit (linux and MacOSX versions).

- Upgrade sqlite to 3.3.10.
- When compiling with uClibc (linux), don't define HABE_LANGINFO, since this defines a broken system encoding if locale is somethign like LC_CTYPE is an UTF-8 encoding (e.g. LC_CTYPE="fr_FR.UTF-8").
- Makes wce more robust by forcing active toplevel window to be foreground (i.e. calls SetForegroundWindow()), else SHFullScreen() may fails.
- Rework control window initialization, and modify code in exit handler to (try to) exit cleanly under all circunstances.
- In GetTranslatedKey(), ignore a weird message which sometimes leaks in between WM_KEYDOWN and its matching WM_CHAR event(s), and made two events to be raised when was pressed on SIP or Thumb keyboard (one event with valid keycode but no UNICODE string, one with no keycode but a "\n" UNICODE string).
- Major modifications of keyboard (and SIP) input handling. This should fix most (all?) remaining issues for non-latin localized Windows Mobile systems (e.g. russian, japanese)..
- Update tkTreeCtrl to 2.2.1.
- Update tkhtml3 to cvs snapshot (2006-11-27).
- Update tkTreeCtrl to 2.2.
- Fix potential segmentation fault when reading GIF image with corrupted LWZ data.
- Update tkhtml3 to cvs snapshot (2006-11-05).

- Update Tcl and Tk to 8.4.14.
- Update tkhtml3 to cvs snapshot (2006-10-19).
- Fix channel corruption in Zip VFS when seeking inside a channel opened from an uncompressed file in a ZIP archive.
- Build with 8.4.14rc1. Final 1.0 release will go with 8.4.14.
- Update tclthread to 2.6.5.
- Update sqlite to 3.3.8.
- Update tkhtml3 to post-alpha11 cvs snapshot.
- Update sqlite to 3.3.8.
- Update openssl to 0.9.8d.
- Update libpng to 1.2.12.
- Update Tile to 0.7.8.
- All eTcl executables now embed cross-platform replacement for native standard dialogs on PocketPC/Smartphones (file open, file save, choose dir, choose color). They are the default on WinCE.

- Handle arguments to WM_CHAR passed as Unicode on some device (e.g. cyrillic input on PDA with cp1251 as system encoding). Typing cyrillic characters in entries and text widgets were broken on such device with prior release.
- Reorganize startup code. Everything is setup from files in placed in etcl system directory in VFS (use [etcl vfspath] to guess etcl VFS top directory, and [set ::etcl::etcl(library)] to get normalized path to this directory).
- Open serial port only once, and don't try to enable supprot for OVERLAPPED on WinCE (since not available). This fixes support for virtual serial devices (e.g. Bluetooth devices or GPS intermediate device) on Windows Mobile. v1.0-rc12:
- Update Tkhtml3 to latest CVS version. Passes ACID2 test.
- Minor bugs fixes. v1.0-rc11:
- Add Tkhtml3 to normal and full release.
- Fix emulation of getDIBits() on WinCE (used by XGetImage). Images with alpha channel (not only transparency) can now be displayed with true alpha-blending. As an major side effect, this also fixes display problems with some Tile widgets (checkbutton, radiobutton, ...) for pixmap-based themes (e.g. step, blue). v1.0-rc10:
- Force normalization of mount directory of embedded VFS. Without it, eTcl on WIN32 platform fails to start if "installed" in a directory with special characters, blanks, or on a remote server (e.g. //host/path/etcl.exe).
- Remove all static references to UNICODE API on Win32 port, to restore compatibility with Win95/98/Me. Those targets are not officially supported, but they are reported to work.
- Executables in distribution as TAR archives have now 0755 permissions.
- Clean up core to have a single instance of eTcl running at the same time on WinCE, as recommended on this O.S. Application unique Id can be specified with -etclid command line option.
- Fix major problem introduced in rc9, which make eTcl leave zombie threads on WinCE and Win32 when started with a startup script.

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