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Calendar+ v2.5.0

Summary: Calendar Plus is a program that runs under the Pocket PC's Today screen. It emulates the standard Pocket PC Calendar plug-in exactly, except that it offers more features. Features include the ability to see multiple days, the ability to look a given number of a...

Found under: Clock/Calendar, Utilities

  • Pocket PC
  • ARM Processors

Arrived: Sep 18, 2006

Downloaded 4,041 times

Calendar+ v2.5.0 free download for Windows Mobile phone

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Calendar+ v2.5.0 Description

Made by: Mohair Sofa

Calendar Plus is a program that runs under the Pocket PC's Today screen.
It emulates the standard Pocket PC Calendar plug-in exactly, except that it offers more features. Features include the ability to see multiple days, the ability to look a given number of appointments ahead, and multiple ways of displaying the various calendar fields. Note:
Starting with Calendar+ v2.1 we no longer support older PocketPC devices running SH3 and MIPS processors. You can download Calendar+ v2.0.5 here for these devices. Update Description:
Bugs Fixed:
- Improved reliability and performance under WM5.
- All day events on WM5 are also shown the day after.
- Long running (over 1 day) appointments did not show up on days after "today".
- Sometimes the appointment markers would disappear. Features Added:
- Added a paging feature via the left/right joypad buttons. This allows you to page forward and backward through your agenda without leaving Calendar+.
- Added an option to "fill to available space". If you keep Calendar+ at the end of the Today screen, it will adjust its height so you never see a scroll bar.
- Additional appointment markers for busy and out of office.
- Appointment markers for tentative and out of office now show up in all day events.
- Calendar+ now has "day" layouts in addition to "appointment" layouts.
- Reworked the dialogs so scrolling isn't needed on square screens.
- Minor changes to how information is displayed to eliminate wasteful things like "Nothing further today" messages.
- Enhanced errror handling. Instead of silently eating errors they are now displayed, with an option to try the operation again. v2.2.10:
Bugs Fixed:
- Hopefully final attempt at fixing locale issue for WM5. v2.2.9:
Bugs Fixed:
- Incorrect appointments displayed for non-US locales (tried not to make it worse this time). Features Added:
- Added a couple more display formats. v2.2.8:
Bugs Fixed:
- Options dialog orientation works again for landscape mode.
- Incorrect appointments displayed in WM 5 devices for non-US locales.
- Minor improvements to German translations.
- Perf improvements on WM 5. v2.2.7:
Bugs Fixed:
- Display updates now when running under Windows Mobile 5.0.
- Scroll bars in options dialog now correctly display on square screens.
- Now works with Pocket Informant 2005 Rel 3. Features Added:
- Hebrew support including improved RTL (Thx to Moshe Pontch for writing this). v2.2.6:
Bugs Fixed:
- Incompatibility with iPaq 4700 with ROM update.
- Improved support for square screens.
- Free appointments are no longer considered conflicts with busy appointments (again).
- Always shows agenda for PI 2005 instead of preseving calendar setting.
- Fix joypad navigation on WM 5. v2.2.5:
Bugs Fixed:
- Now correctly adjusts to Windows Mobile 2003 SE font size changes.
- Minor margin and spacing fixes for Windows Mobile 2003 SE.
- Slightly better UI spacing.
- Minor fixes for Windows Mobile 2003 SE joypad handling.
- Improved Dutch translations.
- Added "Nothing further today" message back. v2.2.4:
Bugs Fixed:
- Compatibility problem with some devices such as the iMate JAM and PDA2K.
- Free appointments are no longer considered conflicts with busy appointments.
- In rare cases "Show the next n Lines" will not draw a day break header. Features Added
- Added Danish language support.
- Minor whitespace tweaking to make the UI more space-concious.
- New compact layout to show an appointment on one line. v2.2.3:
Bugs Fixed:
- Show the next n "Lines" : lines not correctly localized in any language but English.
- Improved French translations. Features Added:
- Add Dutch language support. v2.2.2:
Features Added:
- All day items now show their location if one was given.
- Support for PocketMac installer
- Additional "Programs" tab allows you to choose Pocket Informant, Agenda Fusion or the default calendar.
- Calendar+ can now be upgraded in place. Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed incorrect use of WM_TODAYCUSTOM_CLEARCACHE.
- Pocket Informant would not start when clicking on Schedule icon.
- Out of office appointments should not paint with tentative marker color.
- Selection border off by one pixel when selecting items with Windows Mobile 2003 SE keyboard interface.
- Improved threading reliability by relocating critical sections and initializing COM only when needed.
- Layout page font size sliders were different sizes on Landscape systems.
- Some PPC Phone Edition devices hang when CalPlus starts at boot. v2.2.1:
Features Added:
- User selectable support for Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant.
- Czech language support.
- Additional display option to look ahead a given number of lines, rather than appointments or days. This is handy if you would like Calendar+ to take up a fixed area of space on your Today screen. Bugs Fixed:
- Screen corruption problems when switching between portrait and landscape. v2.2:
Features Added:
- Full support for Windows Mobile 2003 SE, including screen rotation, VGA screens and the new Windows Mobile joypad interface to the Today screen.
- Support for both Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant replacement PIMs.
- Support for RTL languages.
- Additional layouts. Bugs Fixed:
- Line spacing is now proportional with font size.
- "View the next n appointments" no longer constrained to 31 days.
- Recurring all day events are now counted correctly for days other than today.
- Some performance tweaks.

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