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Blender Pocket v2.42

Summary: Blender Pocket is a port of Blender (complete open-source 3D package) for Pocket PC. It is for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production. It requires some time to learn but its possiblities are unlimited! For people wanting to make 3D everywhere, Blender Pocket is f...

Found under: Graphics, Editors

  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • 32 MB Ram

Arrived: Aug 2, 2006

Downloaded 12,071 times

Blender Pocket v2.42 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 4.0/5
(8 votes cast)

Blender Pocket v2.42 Description

Made by: Salvatore Russo

Blender Pocket is a port of Blender (complete open-source 3D package) for Pocket PC. It is for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production. It requires some time to learn but its possiblities are unlimited! For people wanting to make 3D everywhere, Blender Pocket is for you. Please be conscious that Blender Pocket is a test version. Soft reset and even Hard reset may happen and I am not responsible for any use made with Blender Pocket. So please backup all your data from the main memory before using Blender Pocket (you can use Microsoft Activesync to do). Blender Pocket is an open-source project based on Blender 2.37a. Known Problem:
- Vertex Paint mode crash my PocketPC (hard reset needed!). DON'T try it!
- PNG output is not working. But you can use other image format. Limitations:
- Rendered images are limited to 1024*1024.
- No ESC during rendering.
- It is not possible to play an animation with play. Just use the sequencer.
- Box selection is not working. Just use the Lasso selection with ctrl+mouse.
- No sound and no game engine. Update Description:
- BlenderPocket is now completely synchronized with Blender source code. Two versions are now provided, one without Python scripting, an other one for more advanced users supporting Python (but 3MB bigger what could make some problems).
- New features from Blender 2.4 and 2.42 are available. See Blender release notes here.
- Direct effects of this synchronization is that Vertex painting, texture painting, weight painting are not crashing anymore and the icons are now perfectly drawn for our tiny screen (I did nothing for that, that’s a gift from the Blender Foundation!).
- “White screen bug” solved for most users implementing all dlls as internal libraries (especially the big 2MB PythonCE.dll library).
- New Rasteroid Opengl ES library (hardware keyboard supported, screen rotation).
- No black screen swapping any more and modeling in "edit and solid" mode now possible.
- Selection OpenGL wrapping improved.
- Small changes in the UI to be able to use the Action and NLA windows. The header can now be better scrolled (usage memory information accessible).
- Image drawing not buggy anymore for images bigger than the view.
- Hardware_button.txt configuration file found in blender directory (no need to copy it in “” anymore).
- Border select is now working.
- High resolution hardware should now be better supported.
- Small Improvements in fonts.
- Wait cursor during big task (eg. rendering) restored.
- And some misc improvements trying to ever have a more stable BlenderPocket. 24/04/2006:
- Source code of BlenderPocket available. Not really clean and some big improvement needed. 18/04/2006:
- Images are now supported.
- Oops is now available.
- New website for Blender on embedded systems.
- BlenderCE was renamed in Blender Pocket.
- New screenshoots. 02/04/2006:
- Texturing, rendering, animating is now possible.
- Models are NOT limited to 40K vertices any more.
- More Hardware keys.
- Bug with centres fixed.
- Loading functionalities more reliable.
- And other improvements.

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