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BlackFlip v0.3

Summary: BlackFlip is a Polarium clone, an easy to play (but hard to finish) puzzle game perfectly suited for stylus play.

Found under: games, puzzle, match

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Apr 7, 2008

Downloaded 17,428 times

BlackFlip v0.3 free download for Windows Mobile phone

Rating: 5.0/5
(6 votes cast)

BlackFlip v0.3 Description

Made by: Mollusk

BlackFlip is a Polarium clone, an easy to play (but hard to finish) puzzle game perfectly suited for stylus play. BlackFlip is a Polarium clone, an easy to play (but hard to finish) puzzle game perfectly suited for stylus play. The rules of the game are really very simple : there are black and white tiles which need to be flipped so that each row is either all white or all black... Different lines can even have different colors. Yes, as simple as that ! But the twist is that you can only do a single path, which can't overlap with itself. To draw that path, simple click on the puzzle, and move around. You can backtrack at anytime. To validate the path, simply click on the destination point and it'll flip all the tiles !

The grey border around is a neutral zone : no flipping on it, and it's not involved in the color check. So you can move on that one as if you were moving in and out of the puzzle. Doesn't sound like much, but using the grey tiles effectively is the key to solving the hardest puzzles.

The games main feature is it's incredibly hi number of puzzles : more than 6000 !!! These range from very easy (0 stars, solvable in a few seconds) to very hard (5 stars, only solvable in a few minutes and by advanced players)...

This early release is pretty crappy, misses a few graphics, and doesn't actually have more features than that. But all the puzzles are available/solvable, and your progress is saved.

If you like puzzle games, this is a must-have ! If you don't like puzzle games... Well... Just give it a try, it's a matter of seconds before you learn how it works and see the potential of the beast. Just don't play directly on the harder puzzles...

TODO-list for the next versions :

- Better general interface
- Sorted menu (by author, difficulty, etc...)
- Winning/losing animations
- In-game level creator
- Level generator with difficulty settings (not as fun as real levels, and... well, just finish the 6000 levels first...)
- Etc...

ALL the credit for the game idea goes to Mitchell Corp. for creating the original Polarium game (for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance). If you like this game, considering buying one of those versions, the author definitely deserves the money ! Blackflip PocketPC is a port from the flash version by [F] All the credit for the graphics and the levels go to them and all the users who contributed to making/sharing all these puzzles. The game will be updated regularly to have up-to-date versions with the latest levels !

Have fun !

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Comments on BlackFlip v0.3
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sitoru @ August 2nd 2012 3:33 am
device: HTC TyTN II

fine game

lacomunidad @ October 13th 2010 11:45 am
device: HTC HD2

Lo he encontrado en otra pag. NO INSTALAR EN LA HD2!!!, no funciona y te obliga a reiniciar la pda.

lacomunidad @ October 13th 2010 11:19 am
device: HTC HD2

El enlace de descarga esta roto

DTK @ July 23rd 2010 5:14 pm

Download link is broken :(

stephen butt @ April 10th 2008 7:31 pm

good game


ponch @ April 8th 2008 10:49 pm

Just as a fyi to the comments above. My suggestion would be to buy a pda with a operating system that runs windows mobile 5.0/6.0/7.0. If so you wont have as many problems with downloads and will find that you will be able to download almost all the freeware out there. Also keep in mind your screen resolution makes a big difference as well. If your screen res is 240x240 and u download a game that runs at 340x240 it will probably not run properly on your phone. I did a lil research tho for you and found this site also has a pda only download section its So I hope that helps u guys. But my suggestion is dont buy a phone unless it runs off of windows. It's simply not worth it in the long run. To me even the IPHONE is a waste of money because almost everything the iphone offers can be downloaded right here for free and personally the user interfaces the iphone has looks really cool but in the end are really not that user friendly. So good luck!ohhh sorry one last thing, if you are running off a windows mobile program and are still having problems keep in mind you have to download the cab version in order to get it to work on your phone. zip files simply wont unzip if downloaded right to ur phone!

benji @ April 8th 2008 3:41 am

pretty good

mangkuk @ April 7th 2008 7:26 am

This is a general comment - not for this particular freeware but for some others. Understand that this is a freeware site (so I probably shouldn't complain much), but can someone please at least make the download PDA-friendly? Some downloads becomes gibberish text, some goes to other links that are not PDA friendly... I'm sure some of the freewares are great and all, but I'm finding it hard to download straight from my PDA.

displaying: 1 - 20 of 8

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